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West Bend, WI
MuzicNotez is a free online community for musicians and fans of any level or genre to come together and share their work and love of music. Through MuzicNotez you will be able to upload your muzic, videos, and images, also create blogs, your own playlists, groups, and add all your favorite bands and fans. All musicians in this MuzicNotez community will be able to have their work critiqued, rated, and commented on by other musicians, and by their fans. The higher ratings you get on your work and more fans you have, the more you, your work, and your profiles will be advertised for FREE on our home page and throughout our entire community.
Interests: music, artists, musicians, bands, instruments, fans, everybody in our community
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Music has the extraordinary ability to express almost anything we can feel or think. It is an expression of life, just in a few minutes a song can express ideas, events, and emotions. It can express hopes, admirations, joy or sorrow, music expresses ones culture in society in a song. The imagination can speak through music in a way otherwise impossible. Be it the instruments that play, or lyrics that sing, music is an expression of speech in our society. Music can mean something different to every individual, and can get people through tough times, or express the good times... Continue reading
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Mar 23, 2010
Could there ever be a festival again like there was back in 1969? Of course, I’m talking about what Rolling Stone called “the most famous event in rock history”, the Woodstock Music and Art Festival. Was it just the perfect time, culture, and music all coming together at one time to create the most amazing and talked about music event? It took place in Bethel, New York from August 15th through the 18th in the summer of love, 1969. There was over 500,000 attendees and 32 performances. …To view the rest of this blog, and see what is all... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2010 at's blog
I've seen “The Wailers” several times, and they have never disappointed me! For those of you who don’t know who “The Wailers” are, they are the band of reggae legend “Bob Marley”. The first time I saw them, was probably my favorite. Maybe it’s because of the whole night’s experience. As I wrote before I first came to see Roger Waters at Summerfest. However at the end of that concert the closest stage to where I was in the Marcus Amphitheater was where “The Wailers” were playing. So immediately after the concert we all ran down the stairs and to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2010 at's blog
I've been to a lot of great shows! And I just wanted to tell everybody about one of my favorite shows ever, and recommend it to everybody! It took place at Summerfest, to those of you who do not know what this is; it is the world’s largest music festival and takes place in Milwaukee, WI, on the shore line of Lake Michigan! There’s like 11 free stages there and then one paid stage in what is called the Amphitheater! When I heard on the radio that Roger Waters of Pink Floyd was going to be at the Amphitheater that... Continue reading
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Have you heard about this speculation of a supergroup involving some of rocks finest, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Aerosmith? I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t want to see what these guys could do together. Speculation began back on November 23rd of 09, when music engineer Kevin Shirley wrote on his blog. ( Kevin Shirley has produced such things as Zeppelin’s latest album “When the west was won”. …To view the rest of this blog, and see what is all about, go to: MuzicNotez Continue reading
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There’s one thing in life that unites all people as one, it can make you happy when your sad, and signify all kinds of feelings in all kinds of people. This one thing is music, and we love it. Because of this strong love for music, we decided it was time to create an online community for people who love music just as much as we do. This online community is called, and it’s for all the artists, bands, and fans out there. …To view the rest of this blog, and see what is all about, go to:... Continue reading
Posted Jan 17, 2010 at's blog
There are many American myths out there today, and one of the most popular and talked about myths is the 27 club, also known as the forever club. So many famous musicians careers were cut short at the young age of 27, immortalizing them in this unique rock legends club. People love myths, and mystery, especially behind our beloved heroes, and we love our celebrities, however we worship our Rock Gods, giving up almost anything to just go see our favorite band in person at concerts. Musicians surely die at all ages; however theirs a sharp rise in the death... Continue reading
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Jan 16, 2010