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Bernie Siben, CPSM
I'm a right-brain/left-brain type, working as a freelance strategic and marketing consultant for A/E and related firms, with a side career as a cabaret performer and actor.
Interests: A/E/C industry marketing, my extended family, music, opera, theatre, art, dance, good conversation, fine food
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Thanks for the kind words. Ten years ago, this blog was in its 3rd year. I've been writing it since 2005. Feel free to go through the archives and comment on any item that is still open.
Absolutely, Becky. Architects often don't give their engineers sufficient time to be creative. They spend so much time fussing over colors and finishes that they barely leave the engineer time to "make it work." I just wanted to point out the obvious cases in which engineers DID rise to the challenge of being creative because the article seemed to dismiss that possibility in such a cavalier manner. Thanks for the comment.
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Typepad HTML Email Good morning, Linda. Im glad you found the post interesting. I think your project also sounds interesting. A web-based solution to any challenge increases transparency, portability and ease of sharing with other team members. But I would need to know more about your solution and how it works before I could offer any tip that might be relevant and useful. If you want to share some details with me at, I would be happy to share whatever thoughts pop up in my mind. Warmest wishes, Bernie Siben, CPSMOwner/Principal Consultant1704 Nelms Drive #1133Austin, TX
Thanks for the comment, John. Multi-faceted people are always more valuable to an employer. A person who can win work as well as do work is one of those. A person who can bring in a new client as well as a new project is a triple threat.
I have run across Disqus when trying to comment on news articles at a number of different sites. When I finish the comment and go to post it, I'm told it will go through Disqus and that Disqus will be taking some information from me about my contact list and information on my friends, which I don't want to share. Therefore, I have to ask, if I don't want to use Disqus, does that mean I'll have to leave Typepad and find another host for my blog?
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Hi, Carl - Thanks for the comment. I think you're right about firms needing to know where their "sweet spot" is, but the pursuit arena has to be a little broader than just that "sweet spot" because there can be long periods where there are no RFPs in that area. Also, I think that firms that confine their marketing efforts strictly to the "sweet spot" don't grow as quickly or as much.
Enoch - I believe I have found the "work-around" so the cows will be back with my next post.
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Thanks, Enoch. Always nice to know someone is reading this besides my kid brother. Did I ever meet you when I lived in Visalia (2005-2008)?
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