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The talk last night was highly inspirational. It's amazing to see someone as young as Rene gaining such accolades, and being so miraculously humble about it. His passion came through tenfold in his description and discussion of food; the experience of sharing the moments of chefs picking their first herbs and veggies ever, the thought of him wanting to do right by ingredients, and following along with one of the most spectacular rules of cooking (at least i think so) in regards to if things are growing together (from a seasonal perspective) they (more times then not) pair well together. And he does this to a hyperlocal level of - if it grows within several feet of each other, they most likely go well together as well. I was a bit shy unfortunately, as I did want to ask how much of the food at Noma is actually foraged, and also what kind of proteins are used at the restaurant, and if the butchering and slaughtering are done in house? --- Just sort of, to what extent do they do everything from goods in their most rawest/purest of states. I definitely know I was laughing (for a bit longer then most around me were comfortable with) about the "chefs making great terrorists" comment... Chang however did seem exhausted in every level.
Sounds like an amazingly positive event to try and not only get more press for the farm to table movement, but also to support the cause of Grow NYC and The Sylvia Center (which I've never heard of... but will now definitely be keeping in mind for volunteer purposes.) The farm to table seed, if not planted into the minds of our youth, will fall apart if we don't start to educate, and fill the next generation with a budding knowledge of being more conscious about food in the growing, cooking, eating, nurturing sense :)
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Sep 10, 2010