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MTN, is this so called "new service" an innovation? Bob Marley used to sing, "You can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time" Wind the hand of the clock just a few years ago, this service used to be offered free of charge. At this point in time, it has been reinstituted for a very hefty fee and you guys are audacious enough to call it innovation? How long would you guys continue to reap such near complete monopolistic profit?
Wonders shall never end in Cameroon. How can a Theology School and Seminary offer a Doctor in Business even if it is Honoris Causa? This smack of the Abah abah former minister of finance receiving an award as the best minister of finance in Africa, whereas we all know how rotten he was. Nevertheless, Dr. Menyoli, you are one very fine business man. Keep up with the good work and the almighty would continue to richly bless.
As manipulative as ever. I would be surprise if you will get even one seat in the next elections
Dr. Akam, i have some respect for you as a lecturer but right now i would have to revise it because i don't think i can credit you with any analytical mine anymore because the interview above must have come from somebody who cannot understand that 2+2 must not necessary equals to 4. What is wrong in having more women as "ntumfos" If a woman could have been a Pharaoh in the Egypt of old and not even a ntumfo and not to talk of a chief of Cameroon of today? This just clear prove that the institution that you so strongly support is of no more use to society but just relic of the past. With or without NOWEFU Nico Hale is the representative of the choice of the people of the north west region. We will only add more when we deem it necessary not because some relics of your kind will sit somewhere under the guise of some divisive manipulation. It is all but clear that we of the north west cannot never be manipulated.
I don't care if a woman was made Ntumfo or not. What is so wrong with a woman being a messenger? It only add up to the fact that there is no place for chiefdoms and their divisive chiefs of low mentality and morals in the Cameroon of today. Hail Nico Hale, for he is the spoke person for the North West Region and he needs no nomination from a gang of useless male bigots in the name of chiefs. Like the dinosaurs of the past. The time of the chiefs is up. "Brothers and sisters lets toss them out".
Hello Canute, I completely agree with your analysis. Biya is a political machine of the third kind. If only he could have been half as good in economics and management, this country could have been the land of promise and the legacies of Alhijo could have been taken to higher heights. Helas, this has not been the case because all have been sacrifice for politics. His energy got wasted in solving the Bamenda equation and the rest of the country went down the drain. Hope lessons have been learned and the current good tendencies would continue.
"Wonders shall never end". The very first step in the right direction for the Cameroonian judiciary to release itself from the stranglehold of the administrative arm of government. Congratulation Justice Paul Bachuo for such a courageous decision. I know Nkengasong very well. He coaxed 10,000 out of me before i could get my passport However, how could Agu a "truck pusher" afford such a battalion of fine lawyers?
Fon Chafah, I do not even know who you are, but one thing is very certain. You are one very power hungry individual. Unaccountable tyrants like you are no good to our fatherland. If barrister Nico Halle talked to the press is that a bad thing? Is Cameroon not run by the rule of law? Has he been proven guilty by a count of law for slander? By the way, who gave you the power to lord over hard working Cameroonians? I think it is now high time that north Westerners should start electing their chiefs. As a matter of fact do we still need chiefs with the administrative set up in the country? I may suggest that you should go home to your wives and concubines that you got free of charge and create room for those who are out to legitimately change Cameroon.
Mr. Ntumfor, nobody would doubt the fact that you are one of the greatest sons of Cameroon. Posterity would account for this. Your intelligence and sense of fair play is beyond measure. However, a bit of humility and down to earth behavior would serve you well. Mind my words.
What is the real Age of Prof Ngwafor? quoting the article "He is the youngest (50 years old)" "and in 1995, when he was just 40" Which is which? just simple arithmetics would suggest he is at about 53 years old. Mr Journalist do your home work.