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Gotta say, John, love your headline for this press release. It's an accurate reflection of the Sharp Park status for the foreseeable future. The San Francisco government, and the Sharp Park community, are committed to both a vibrant, healthy managed habitat for the red-legged frogs, and preservation of the historical landmark golf course. I was delighted to see the San Francisco Chapter of the Sierra Club take the lead in crafting this compromise with the committed and pragmatic environmentalists in the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department. Let's get real. If the Center for Biological Diversity and/or its local "mini-me" offshoot -- Wild Equity Institute -- had their way, Sharp Park would now be in the hands of, and subject to the whims of, the Trump National Park Service. No one wants that. Not environmentalists. Not golfers. Not Rec & Park. No one. This park was a gift to the people of San Francisco, belongs to the people of San Francisco, and the City of San Francisco is the best steward for this municipal gem. I don't know if this is possible, but the best thing that could happen now is if the SF Chapter of the Sierra Club got together with the SF Public Golf Alliance to forge common ground and go to the SF Board of Supervisors with a common plan that both protects the managed frog habitat and preserves the historical integrity of the landmark golf course.
@VastGolfWingConspiracy... Great Minds.. etc.
Butch: They are on to us, man. They've uncovered the "Vast Golf Wing Conspiracy." I'd like to help keep a lid on this, but it's gotten too big to keep it under wraps any longer. We're busted. I mean, it's easy to identify all of our co-conspirators, so we might as well fess up. Obviously, anyone who supports the Pump House Project at Sharp Park is part of the Sharp Park Golfing Cabal, so I am going to just out the entire secret society right here and now. These are the major organizations that have espoused public support and/or administrative approval for the Pump House Project: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, San Francisco Recreation & Park Department, California Coastal Commission (unanimous vote), the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, San Mateo County Commissioners, Pacifica City Council, Congresswoman Jackie Speier, U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illston, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Garrett Wong, 9th Circuit Court of Appeal Judges William Fletcher, Morgan Christen, Andre Davis, and now San Mateo Superior Court Judge George Miram. That's not all. We even managed to co-opt the foremost environmentalists and experts on the frogs and snakes at Sharp Park, including Karen Swaim, the very field biologist whose expertise was relied on to build the frog ponds at Mori Point -- who said: "Golf is not what is responsible for the decline of the San Francisco garter snake...the frogs are prolific west of highway one, they are not in any trouble at all west of highway one...You need to protect the sea wall. You need to have a fresh water managed habitat currently for this species to recover it, and that is all there is to it." And Dr. Mark Jennings, Ph.D., who literally wrote the book on frogs in California: "In my 30 years of professional experience working with amphibians and reptiles, and in my 21 years of conducting observational surveys at Sharp Park, it is my professional opinion that the golf course has provided the type of freshwater and terrestrial habitats that have allowed the Frog populations to flourish, and, in turn, also benefit the Snake. The on-the-ground biological reality of optimal habitat conditions, robust and increasing Frog populations (and, therefore, abundant food supply for Snakes), typical Frog and Snake behavioral characteristics, and the numerous benefits of active golf course management are wholly inconsistent with Plaintiffs’ (WEI) and their experts’ claims that golf course activities are placing the Frog and Snake populations in peril.” Yup. Our conspiracy is huge. In fact, Butch, as you know, about the only people we have not managed to bring into the "Vast Golf Wing Conspiracy" are the handful of hardcore litigators at WEI who keep filing these losing lawsuits. I guess my only message for them is this: Just because you are paranoid (and you are) does not mean that we are not all against you (and we are).
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Aug 25, 2015