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Melanie Wilke
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Author Maggie de Vries captivated an audience of 40 with the stories and struggles of her sister, as written in her book Missing Sarah. Maggie spoke of Sarah's disappearance, the discovery of her DNA on Robert Pickton's property in 2002, the trial, as well as the current public inquiry. These... Continue reading
Prince George author Vivien Lougheed presented from her book Sidetracked : The Struggle for BC's Fossils over lunch in the Terrace Campus Library on October 13. Thirty students and faculty listened as she discussed the ethics of fossil hunting and the debate on the use of amateur versus professional fossil... Continue reading
I have never "written" a story but I write most days. Enrolling in Northwords writing camp was risky because I did not know if a neophyte writer would fit in with the group. The experience has been inspiring with skilled facilitation by Jess and Melanie. I even asked Allan Stratten... Continue reading
Wow. Last evening was so stimulating. Not only the guest speaker but our discussions too. I want to take a leaf out of Jessi's book (not literally!) and get cracking with procrastinating.....Yahoo! I'm sad that tonight I have to leave very early due to a long term commitment; so my... Continue reading
Author and playwrite Allan Stratton joined the NorthWords Writing Camp at the NWCC Library tonight via a Skype connection. Allan began in acting and that certainly comes out in his presentation. Excited about seeing the movie Life Above All - the film adaptation of his novel Chanda's Secrets. It just... Continue reading
The first night of NorthWords Creative Writing Camp was a seminar with poet, instructor and publisher Sheila Peters. Sheila talked about online writing opportunities - great for people in isolated communities. She shared a number of links to these opportunities (there are so many out there) - I will include... Continue reading
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Jan 14, 2011