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We were also excited to see that you sampled rambutans on your trip. Rambutans were in a word problem in Victoria's math book recently. I had no idea what they were, so we looked it up on the internet. Were they any good?
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2010 on Mail Delivery at The Plunge Down Under
Victoria and I have been enjoying catching up on your blog this morning. I had to laugh at James' comments as to how much he loves his dad as compared to you. I was glad he redeemed himself the next day. When you say it is hot and humid in Singapore, exactly how hot is it this time of year? Did Katie have the week off of school during your trip? We just took a trip to the Poconos while the boys were off from Blackburn. Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia? I am thinking it is just an American holiday. Your cinnamon rolls looked delicious. I'm sure your friends enjoyed them. Marci & Victoria
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2010 on Mail Delivery at The Plunge Down Under
Hi Christie, I was surprised by the number of fruit flavored icecream choices. Are they actually icecream or more like sherbert or sorbet? They all looked so yummy. I was curious about the Poppy Seed. Will they let you have a sample to try like here? Tell Sophie we thought of her this evening. We were at a pool party at the Treesdale Community Center and they had Brownie Bites from Costco. I thought I remembered her liking them. Glad to read that your kids are swimming. We are thinking of having Collin and Victoria do Pine Richland Swim Team this fall. Alexander is going to stick with Homeschool Golf. Is there much golfing in Australia? Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, Marci for the Witouskis
Christie, Your house is beautiful inside and out. I love the hardwood floors and the landscaping. Are there any interesting things coming up in the yard? Spring is around the corner, right? But it would be more like Florida weather? I saw your comment about identifying snakes from the library books. Could there potentially be dangerous snakes in your yard? I think of you when I enjoy my coffee each day. Any luck finding something to replace half and half? My prayers are with you, Marci
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Aug 2, 2010