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Blessed with a Fabulous Family,Artist and Treasure Hunter extrodinare at large.
Interests: vintage lovelies, antiques, beautiful people and of course my family..junkin' and creating wonderful things..
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okay..okay..I've moved if you couldn't tell! ...please come and visit at I'm still working on it..but it's a lovely departure from the norm... XOXO Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2010 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
ever feel like your taste is something you thought was the best of the best..well, kinda makes you i look at this spankin' new year in front of me, i'm excited! my tastes...and ideas about life and art... Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2010 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
a big thank you Kara! i love this mug! you know i've got a thing for Cath Kidston... all of Cath Kidston items are sooo bright, colorful and can visit the U.K site here... ciao bellas! Continue reading
Posted Jan 16, 2010 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
all around the country...we are feeling it...snow... ... the boys are likin' it... I hope you are having fun this Winter... ..#2 ... more random pics...Winter in Wisconsin.... Happy Tuesday everyone! Ciao. Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2010 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
here are some random pictures I wanted to share... ...sassy kitty kitty posed for this...he was jumping and running and realized I wanted to take pictures of him so he kindly perched on the back of the sofa!! He actually... Continue reading
Posted Jan 8, 2010 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
I am getting back into the routine of things...what a wonderful Christmas season we had! I know It's over..but I wanted to share some pictures...I had DH keep the tree up so I could take some pictures with my new... Continue reading
Posted Jan 5, 2010 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
Many Blessings friend! Hope you and your family has a wonderful and Happy New Year. Love ya! ~Christine NEW! More options for replying to comments via email: - To reply privately to the commenter, click on the commenters email address below. - To reply publicly on your blog, reply to this email. A new comment from Barbra was received on the post a Happy Birthday.. and.. of the blog La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa. If you would like to post a reply to this comment you can do so at the following URL: Comment: -------- Those slippers look yummy. Great colors. Happy 2010,Christine. May it be blessed with good health, happiness and prosperity for you and your family. Hugs Commenter name: Barbra Commenter email: [email protected] Commenter URL: IP address: Authentication: None Comment Actions: ---------------- Unpublish this comment: Delete this comment: Mark this comment as spam: Edit this comment: Enjoy!
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2009 on a Happy Birthday.. and.. at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Here's to all of my wonderful blog friends! lot's of love...may your New Year be blessed..lot's of stuff 'cooken' here at BellaColle'... share soon! Ciao Bellas! Continue reading
Posted Dec 30, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
are you busy? all of us...our weeks are packed now with Christmas get together... But my #2 son turned 13 this past Thursday... a Birthday... isn't that what this season is about anyway? as I added the candles... Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
I wish everyone a Buon Natale! Some new creations... two sweet charms that have the sentiment on the back.. ..and St. Nick on the front as well as a happy snowman..not really a happy snowman here!'s now -8!! The snowman's... Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
want a glimpse into what it's about?...I'm having a little give-a-way... Quick ladies... I've got a sample of the glimpse skin care system for dry's wonderful.. glimpse is a natural 'intuitive' skin care system that contains mangosteen.. The company... Continue reading
Posted Dec 8, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
wow! what a wonderful Thanksgiving we had... DH was able to take some time off and go hunting... he took #2...#1 son & DH helped me in the kitchen for Turkey day... and just some much needed family time...ahhh.. I... Continue reading
Posted Dec 1, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
Just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!! I am thankful for God, my family and YOU! My blog friends... sooo I'm off to brine the turkey..and prep the veggies... Take care. XO Continue reading
Posted Nov 25, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.. I am finalizing store shopping for Thanksgiving.. I found some fun decorations for Christmas..some chestnuts for our dressing for the turkey bird.. I wanted to share some inspiration for the season. I pulled... Continue reading
Posted Nov 21, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
if you've been wondering..if you've visited and saw I've not been 'round... My little computer has had a virus or two... soo.. hopefully things will get back to normal soon... soooo..just to share a little something for your home.. Seda... Continue reading
Posted Nov 16, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
Authentic: adv. worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to fact or reality: trustworthy: not imaginary, or false or imitation.... I have a tidbit from my 'Ladies Who Launch' Daily tip. This comes from November 3... " Being a mom... Continue reading
Posted Nov 4, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
oh my goodness!! looks like it was a wonderful time... your little Dorthy is soo cute! Happy Wed!! XO ~Christine
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well...some more 'mommy' time this weekend.. more mini collages on canvas... mommy & baby.. just kinda go together like peanut butter & jelly... "When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
I can't believe's like deja vu...they are in it again!!! We are doing the happy dance at our house.. Woop..woop!! It's that time again... an American classic... The World Series... We will be watching at our house... how about... Continue reading
Posted Oct 28, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
I've been invited to take part in an art exchange! Thank you sooo much Suzanne!! I think it's just what the Dr..ordered.. The rules are you make a 'little piece' and mail it to the # 1 position on list... Continue reading
Posted Oct 26, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
ever feel like time is your friend..or your enemy? I feel like time is my enemy I can't seem to get things done..I guess it's just this time of year.. school mixed with work..mixed with extra curricular activities..mixed with... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
yes, it is time to think about it...I don't like to.. but It's Awareness month..Breast Cancer awareness.. Lost somebody extra special cause of it... We can do this.. we can be empowered! We can overcome.. I have to get my... Continue reading
Posted Oct 20, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
been there..done it.. don't want to go back..don't even want the t-shirt! -please..take the button.. whew.. glad it's over!! It's been through EVERY person in our town now I think... we haven't even had a chance to get the shot..{which... Continue reading
Posted Oct 17, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa
1. Fall Colored Vintage Thread, 2. Vintage Halloween Die Cut, 3. mmm, orange..., 4. Vintage Photographer's Trade Card, 5. Colors of Fall, 6. Autumn, 7. "A Thought Like Light", 8. 9.09ND.048a VIntage Kodachrome, 9. Identity, 10. Chandelier Ribbon, 11. Halloween... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2009 at La Mia Vita, La Mia Musa