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It's important to measure the costs of providing nothing but tangible, incentive-driven motivation, of course. They only work in the short term and, as has been noted, don't necessarily change behaviors for long-term advantages. Is it better to constantly develop, roll out, monitor and administer short-term incentives or is it better to take the long view and create a high perofrmance culture where people are working to the highest level because they simply enjoy it?
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I'd even go so far as to say, if you are waiting to find out which managers are having problems in creating the environment that makes their staff members want to say, you might be too late already. How is it that you have allowed your organization to create the type of manager who is a problem? That manager is managed by someone, and so on up the line. A discontented manager is a reflection of what his superior invites into the organization. If only those who had a clearly demonstrated history of respecting staff were promoted to management, you wouldn't need to expend extra energy making sure those managers were taking care of their staffs.
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Apr 11, 2010