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Oh my goodness, my daughter has this pair of hand me down pants that I abhor. They are brown corduroy pants that have butt pockets in front an back, that fit worse than an ill fitting par of sweatpants. She won't let me get rid of them. Every time I try shpm throws a hissy fit.
Holy cow! I am looking pretty darned good for 1,427. It would be the 7 weeks of contractions every 8 minutes while on strict hospital bed rest. That was fun. Though I can also say, there were only 3 or 4 things I have the pleasure of saying I couldn't add on. Our kids are killing me slowly :). Great post! Thanks for the laugh, with hubby deployed, I needed it!
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While my husband was in tech school for the second time, I went home to my parents house by myself with my son who was 2 at the time. It was an 18 hour drive from southern New Mexico, to St. Louis, MO. About 2 hours into the drive, my son got violently ill. I stopped the car and cleaned him up and changed him, then got back on the road. About 20 minutes after that, he had horrible diarreah, that was a blow out in his diaper. Then as I was looking for somewhere to pull over and clean him and the seat up, he threw up again. I ended up having to take the cover off of the seat, and stop at a Walmart to buy trash bags, paper towels, Clorox wipes, new clothes for him, medicine, a beach towel for his carseat, and more diapers. It was the messiest, smelliest, most horrible road trip I have ever taken in my life. He continued with the diarreah and vomiting for the entire 2 day trip out there. It was horrible.
And I also signed up for the H&M newsletter :)
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And I tweeted the tweet
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also, I am a you tube subscriber
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Ok, so my worst fashion choice was in elementary school. One of my favorite outfits was a pair of yellow shorts with suspenders attached to them of the same fabric. The shirt that went under them was a white button down shirt with ducks printed on it. I also had a headband with ducks on it that matched, and socks that matched as well. And then I wore a pair of yellow tennies with it. Oh my goodness. That along with all the other lovely 80's clothing I got to enjoy growing up with :).
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This is for biting my nipples til they bled...little brat. lol, though I am sure she is a total sweet heart :)
This is my son Aiden dancing with his dad at the Imagination Station in EPCOT. It was a couple years ago, but the most recent video we have of him getting down. He is the one in the jean shorts and blue short sleeve shirt. His dad is the one in the black t-shirt.
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Currently my kid's favorite song to dance to is the Cha-Cha Slide. And honestly, though the song initially annoys the crap outta me, I can really get into it too. Lol, it is fun to dance with them.
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oh my gosh, she is too stinkin' cute! I am the proud parent of two store bought costume wearing kids this year. Buzz Lightyear snd Snow White will be donning their costumes and joining the droves of their clones on the streets tonight. :)
Oh my goodness...we have some stories, my son was the king of the blowouts. But the one that sticks in my head the most is when one Saturday my dear sweet husband decided to take our son one morning while I got to sleep in. They were in the living room with hubby on the couch and little man on the floor. Well my dear honey fell asleep while watching the baby, and I was sound asleep in our room. All the sudden I was awoken by the sound of my husband screaming my name in a very desperate tone. I went tearing into the living room to a scene that still makes me shudder. My adorable son had what looked to be chocolate smeared all over his face, and on the carpet around him. I looked at my husband asking what was on the baby's face, and he said poop. He was also holding my sons hands in his trying to keep them out of his mouth. He had had a blowout during the few minutes that hubby was asleep and started licking his hands off....So, while hubby cleaned up little man, I cleaned up the living room floor...which even had perfect little poopy hand prints on the floor. It was soooo disgusting at the time, but funny now. Now we have a nearly 4 month old daughter who has had a few blowouts as well, but nothing near as bad as that morning. What a way to wake up!
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