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Myles Weber
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Kyle Cease has helped me out tremendously. I attended his 2nd bootcamp he ever did, and it changed my whole outlook on life and the stage. My comedy has gotten so much better, and real, and funnier since that week. I just released my first comedy album on iTunes, and it has got nothing but positive responses. A person who bought my CD was listening to it in their car. He was laughing so hard that he took he crashed into a parked car. He's fine! But in his words, "You're too funny to drive with." I am very proud of my CD. And it is great because of the things I learned from Kyle. My stand-up is at a whole new level now, and I am getting a lot of work really fast because of it. Kyle lights a fire under you that drives you to chase your dreams. And that's what I'm doing, and I owe it all to Kyle. Thanks man. -Myles Weber
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Sep 14, 2010