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I'd like to say something. I'm a Christian gay man- and a United Methodist seminary washout. I intend seminary once I have experienced some additional spiritual formation. I found your site via I was on that site, because I had found myself drifting, because of my own experience of my sexuality from an affirming to a welcoming-but-not affirming position on LGBT issues. I experience my desires as radically disordered by my sinfulness- something I need to repent of every time I indulge it. I'm addicted to pornography, and I desire multiple encounters with men younger than me, not a monogamous, life-giving partnership. Because of this I have questioned the acceptability of same sex marriages in God's sight. But thanks to your writings, I have come to realize that while my desires are indeed disordered, they are not disordered BECAUSE they are desires for another man. All of my disordered desires would be just as unacceptable in a heterosexual man. I need repentance, yes, but not in a way that is unique to gays and lesbians. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Apr 21, 2011