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This is such a great idea! Not just for ourselves to have perspective day-to-day, but for our kids when we are old or gone. I absolutely love seeing my messy room as a kid in my mom's old photos. Or my grandmother watching TV with that look I totally remember about her. It's so worth doing this. Thanks for the reminder! -Laurie
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2010 on The Ordinary Extraordinary at (In)Courage
My heart goes out to Anna above... I know how it feels to think maybe what we're going through doesn't matter much. But like you shared today, and Emily shared yesterday at, even the mundane stories are full of God. Those thin places where we can see His shadow through the veil of our experience. I'm in one right now. Hubby lost his job. Not much to say there since lots of people are in that place. But it's stretching me. It scares me when I look at my 4 girls and wonder where we're headed. And I'm choosing to look forward to the whole story - beginning, middle and end. Thanks for the great reminder!
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Aug 17, 2010