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Somebody owns the greatest strategic domain portfo ever created, but you'll never hear Rick comment who he believes it is. I like the comment that it truly only takes one premium domain to make your dreams come true.
Thanks Stan. I expected a little more introspect from RS. 911 appears to be a false flag operation, and a sloppy one at that. People that swalllow this propaganda without question, analysis, debate, are part of the problem. This is not a wise crack it's a wise proof.
Yeah and if was named, or it would have the same success? Myspace and FB the two legends of social were both generally generic. In today's social arms race your domain brand is your most valuable asset.
Fb's user interface is filled with preexisting and inevitable social evolution. A good domain name, luck, timing and hundreds of millions of venture funding made fb what it is today. I have yet to find genius at Fb, maybe i need to see the movie.
We appreciate your presence,candid commentary and insights. You are one of the best. We would still like to hear your opinion on who owns the greatest strategic domain portfolio ever created. This is a subject we cant get any leaders to talk about.
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Sep 16, 2010