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Oh how I've missed you - and how I LOVE this post!
You're the queen of yogic inspired creativity, m'dear! Happy Halloween!
I <3 you Lo. You were hit with the creative stick when you were born and you're showing NO signs of slowing down :)
That baby is my new favorite yoga "teacher" - let's all be that happy (yet sleepy)!
Evil little children always make me smile! Thanks Lo for the reminder that the universe has a sense of humor...especially in yoga :).
Grrrrl, you know I support anything and everything you do!
This. Is. A. MASTERPIECE. Love it Lo!
You are so cute! And practical! Text neck is totally computer screen neck (and back and shoulders for me) - love these simple and relaxing poses!
She's BAAAACCCKKKK! And #5...I think that's the DEFINITION of being human :).
Hee hee...they look so cute making their yoga toots! :)
Such perfect timing - I was torn as to how to spend my daily meditation time, and this was the perfect way to spend 5 minutes!
Lo, get out of my brain, fo real! Sharing about the awesomeness of yoga has been on my mind of late. In fact, it's finally going to be on my blog today - I think I was scared to even open the yoga can of worms as there is so much to say, but starting simply with why I LURV it is the best place to start! My reasons overlap but several are different as well - just goes to show how mother flippin' awesome YOGA is!
Lo, I'm totally doing #6 right now...granted, it seems I don't need a special day for that ;). I love your #11 though - so many get wrapped up in the fun of the numerology that they forget it's also a day set aside to remember our Veterans. Whatever one's feelings on the war, I believe we should honor those who followed their own path for the sake of the greater good.
Oh my gosh - this Crow pose pic is so adorable!!! Seriously so much cuter than when I'm (trying to get) in it! :)
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Oct 24, 2011