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Hi Stan, caught this on DVD last night and I think I might have enjoyed it slightly more than you. I'm not generally a fan of Woody Allen, but in this case I was impressed by the story. The recursive nature of the "nostalgia" driven central conceit was a neat trick, as it appeared to quite neatly draw the various parts of the film together. My only annoyance came with the deliberate conversation between Gil and Adriana where the reason for the plot and the imaginary worlds are explained; I was intelligent enough to have worked this out for myself. I would, however, agree that it was obvious from about the first line that Ines and Gil were a complete mismatch and that didn't leave me any mystery in that respect. There were some neat touches of humour but never so much that it got in the way and although sentimental, I felt it stayed the right side of mawkish. is now following The Typepad Team
Jan 5, 2014