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I do not regret my changing (I am pre-op btw) but I do regret how it has negatively affected my loved ones.
If a transgender person does follow the proper protocol (, counseling is mandatory before HRT as well as SRS. Of course, I am regularly seeing someone and highly recommend that others do so as well, regardless of whether GID is present. Laws increasing freedom for transgender people such as myself are but one tool available to help us. HRT and SRS are other tools, as also is counseling. A person should attempt to make use of as many of the tools available as possible and should be aware of his or her treatment options. The most important contributor to my well-being is not my doctor, but me. While my doctor can prescribe medications to help me, it is my ultimate responsibility to protect myself from harm. Yes, transgender people should have more access to psychiatric care. I believe in universal access to care, but I also know most people do not have that. Lack of access to medical care may also be a contributing factor to the high suicide rate, in addition to lack of acceptance and discrimination, as well as other psychological factors.
I have not experienced any kind of "high" or "euphoria" in regards to my HRT as I have with certain other drugs. I am, however, enjoying a greater sense of overall well-being and lessening of depression since I began treatment. I was on anti-depressants before HRT and still am using them successfully. I do not know how, but I think HRT adds to the positive effects of the anti-depressants.
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Feb 19, 2012
Once again, it would be nice if you would cite the specific people and organizations who are rushing people into gender change surgery. As you should know, the WPATH guidelines ( exist to guide medical professionals in the treatment of persons with GID. The guidelines do not advocate an approach that rushes the process; rather, they force the patient to take a serious look at whether the change is right for them by slowing down the process. One cannot have SRS quickly; a person being treated by the guidelines MUST live a specific period of time as their chosen gender in order to ensure a proper adjustment. As for your assertion that 61% of transfolk suffer from a "wide variety of psychological issues that go untreated," you provide no sources to back up this statistic. Therefore, we have no way of knowing if this statement is actually true or not. In reference to your suicide statistic, you give no context in which to interpret the statement. Why are these people attempting suicide? Is it because of the untreated psychological issues as you imply here or because of something else, say the social rejection of the transgendered or people feeling as if they cannot be themselves? If you truly want to help the transgender community, you should advocate further scientific research in order to find what treatments for GID actually work. You should also stop misrepresenting the process as "quick" and "rushed." You should advocate for the treatment of GID, as well as other psychological disorders, to be covered by health insurance so we can seek the treatment we need in order to sort out our lives. You may be right about some things regarding medical treatment; however, you propose no constructive solution to the problem, and instead only decry what you see as the current state of treatment.
This is the most incredible set of assertions I have read in quite a long time! I would appreciate you naming specific people and organizations in support of these policies. Simply blaming them on the "homosexual agenda" to "eradicate heterosexuals" is specious. Also, your blanket assertion that all such treatment is child abuse is particularly absurd, given the fact that when parents do things like this they are trying to help their children with a problem that is real and pressing. Whether such medical actions are ethical and/or necessary or beneficial is a matter for scientific research. Also, you give no indication of how many possible children are being treated in this way, and the only position statement you cite is from an organization that appears to be a fundamentalist Christian front group masquerading as a legitimate scientific organization.
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Nov 4, 2011