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Once I turn the shower water on, Jack will lie down in the hallway and wait...
Great post - and such good advice. Having had dogs with really different personalities, I really see the need to work on their timeline, with their agenda!
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So dogs, all of them have dog memory - obviously anything dealing with food in any shape or form is stored in the long term memory banks. My brother had a dog who would remember places and even though he visited home infrequently with Serene, when he pulled into our street, she would get all excited - knowing she was almost to grandpas.
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Looks like rabbit for easter dinner...
This sounds like fun - looking forward to it!
Interesting post and I agree with you, I would never give up one of my pets. A few years ago, we adopted a pet through a local rescue. Turns out she was a service dog that was turned in because she was too old to provide service any longer! I could never understand that. She was a wonderful dog and we were happy to have her for a good 3 years before she passed from bone cancer. While I don't understand how someone could have given her up, I'm glad she had us to care for her and keep her comfortable during her final months.
Love to see the lab pup...he's so cute. My grandfather raised collies on our farm when I was growing up. We had just a mom &dad, no big breeding facility. They were beautiful dogs. I don't have many memories tho as I developed allergies and we had to give them up. When I got older we got a yellow lab, like Hank named Maxine...she had two litters of puppies and what a crazy, wonderful time that was! Going to write about her on our blog soon. Thanks for bringing up the memories!
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Feb 12, 2013