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Jim Huang
Jim Huang's publishing company, Crum Creek Press/The Mystery Company, publishes books for mystery lovers.
Interests: Mysteries, books, publishing, politics
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Mar 15, 2010
An update: as of close of business yesterday, we still have thee copies of LOST SYMBOL still left. Maybe it's really true that we can't give them away...
Austin's right: not all mystery writers are whiners. The vast majority are gracious and hard-working, as eager to contribute as everyone else. I will disagree a little with Sandra; it's not just the lesser-known who are complaining; we also get "difficult" messages from some established writers and publishers who should know better. I do recognize that a pretty significant number of complaints come from ignorance rather than malice or ego. We don't all do a good enough job of communicating the basics. That's the main reason why I write stuff like this. While I'm firmly opposed to the creation of a "good" publishers list and the use of such a list as a barrier for participation in conventions, awards, etc., I do believe that standards do apply. The Bouchercon program committee does look for some level of constructive engagement with the community as a necessary qualification. For example, I believe strongly that the terms that a publisher establishes for the sale of its titles tells you a lot about whether it intends to play well with others. There are legitimate points on all sides about how we should look at today's publishing landscape. For both practical and philosophical reasons we are drawing some lines -- as lightly and inclusively as we possibly can, but lines nevertheless. This is a bigger argument than we should get into here and now. It's more important that I and the folks I'm working with stay focused on the task at hand. I'll say simply that even though I disagree with the approach that others have adopted, I certainly understand why these groups have felt it necessary to do something. The Malice Domestic board has my full support; they run a great event. Thanks to all who are reading and commenting (here and privately). I'm grateful for your input! -- Jim