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Mysti Berry
San Francisco, CA
WIP: fraud-turned-murder "By The Numbers"
Interests: animation, san francisco, movies, screenwriting, mysteries, film noir, miyazaki, windsor mccay, dash hammett dorothy parker, lit fic
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They set up rats, they even paid off rats. But there were no rats. And why was that one big crashy thing *empty*? And really, why didn't Bond leave M in the BLANK instead of driving her off to BLANK? I would have left her there for safe keeping. Whenever a character in a movie or book says "why don't you X" or "why did you Y," that's almost always the writer's subconscious trying to point out something that wanted fixing. Unless the writer has been asked to insert that line instead of fixing the problem, that is. And also, wouldn't it have been cool if Bond had shot BLANK, mercy killing, which would have started the brawl anyway? I'm guessing about 20-30 minutes of film was cut out. Especially the missing rat scene. All the little plot issues are forgiven for the one truly original line, "What makes BLANK think you're my BLANK?" I just loved that.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2012 on Bond Ratings at Steve's Web Place
Mac Davis, with my family, in his hotel suite. He said I was tall enough to hunt "bar" with my teeth. I am still afraid of celebrities to this day.
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Apr 13, 2010