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I've never felt female or male in my life. My first lover was Bi curious I was deeply crushed when she started seeing a guy. I've had quite a few casual cuddles and play with some female and male friends but was looking for the one settle down with. My 2nd love was into cross dressing and identified as straight male. We had lots of fun playing dress up together. Sadly he was very abusive to me and I had to leave him. A year or two before our breakup I was very supportive of his plan to become she. I wish she had the courage to tell me she was Trans earlier but understand she had to work things out. She was wonderful but the abusive behavior became physically violent and even though I was in total support of having another female relationship and am very patient knowing that hormone therapy can be a great ordeal I respected myself enough to get out. I was very attached to her and it was very hard on both of us but it was for the best. We just were not right for each other. My current love is male and straight. We've been together over 10 years now and he is very open minded and has been accepting of the fact that I have the tendency to shift my position in how I relate to my own gender. Some days I feel very female. Sometimes I am pulled towards what is considered to be male behavior. Most of the time I do not feel like either. I feel like using the word Bisexual doesn't quite fit since I have an awful time perceiving only two genders. My partner and I are friends with a couple that identifies mostly as gay. Our one friend is in transition FTM and his partner Identifies mostly Bi - Male but seems to have a similar shifting between genders as I do. The other thing that is interesting to me is that both our couples are monogamous. It has always bothered me that there is the idea that Bisexual gender has been called unreal in the case of opposite sex partners. I am glad to see that accusations of Bisexuals with opposite sex partners are 'cowards' is at least fading. The other annoying idea I hope fades is the 'Bisexuals are all always horny and notoriously promiscuous. Thank you for this article, It really is wonderful to know that this topic is being discussed. Its good to see other genders are finally being recognized.
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Jun 30, 2011