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Jen O.
North of the border.
Wow. "One-line bio". That's getting kind of personal, don't you think?
Interests: this line of questioning is making me feel uncomfortable.
Recent Activity
@Sherri - I just quit a few weeks ago. The break up was NOT amicable.
Toggle Commented Jun 22, 2010 on Facebook Movie Poster Is Full Of Lies at MamaPop™
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This dude is swearing just to be cool. The law of negative returns, buddy.
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Cameron's mouth is too big. If my mouth was that big, I'd never smile.
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@Sweetney - thank goodness. I can feel the leg cancer forming.
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Is this almost over? My laptop is burning my legs.
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Cameraman, don't you DARE pan away from @Larissa's and my boyfriend.
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