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Churchill, Manitoba
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Wild rabid apes belong in cages or in the African jungle. Why are they roaming the city streets?
It fits the baaalestinians. After all, they are not terribly bright people, overall.
Chabad these days attracts more Jews than those liberal reform and conservative "shuls". The Chabad community is growing by leaps and bounds, it's vibrant and full of Jewish values and life, while those other ones are stagnant and lifeless, with only the High Holidays, bar mitzvahs and weddings keeping them in business. Pamela, congratulations! Everything happens for the best.
If, in the past, such things would be at least thought provoking to an American voter, not anymore. It seems these things had become acceptable in the new America, the one which elected and re-elected Barak Hussein Obama as its president. The fall of the empire is underway, and the barbarians are in the process of taking over. Time to adjust to a new reality, and prepare accordingly.
Pamela, this moron looks really bad in the interview. You've made your point as clearly, and as politely as can be, and he sounded like an autistic kid who isn't capable of grasping what an adult is testing to him. Can he really be that dumb???? Who gave this loser a radio show?
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Let them burn Tehilim. That's fine, as long as no one gets hurt. Tehilim isn't meant for them. They are animals who derive their rules of behavior from their own "holy" book. I wouldn't expect them to act differently.
I must say, this guy deserves much more credit that he is given. I, personally, never found Obama to be particularly bright. I don't know if it's just him, or his handlers, but Obama had been brilliant in being able to accomplish his designated mission. At this point it's quite obvious what that mission has been from the outset. Obama had done more to set up the power base for the global jihad than anyone in recent history, and on such grandiose scale, that it's mind boggling. His comrade Bin Laden couldn't come close to accomplishing his own goals, so Obama had him taken out. The rest is history.
1. Unfortunately, the Rebbe is not there anymore to give Bibi another helpful advice. I don't know who Bibi is listening to now. 2. None of those 1,027 predators has any "honor". That word doesn't apply to them. It only applies to humans, not to wild boars, scorpions, snakes, hyenas, ishmaeli beasts, etc... 3. If that is to be done, I just hope the beasts die right after they are let out of their cages. Hopefully, self-explode allah-style among their own kind. 1,027 x 1,027... Amen.
I think Israel is getting a pretty good deal here. They would be trading only a thousand of the worthless, sand crawling muslim savages for one Jew. A one Jew is worth infinitely more than that. I just hope they inject those savages with AIDS or ebola before letting them out.
Listen, the Copts had been rabid anti-semites for centuries. They've always sided with the muslims against the Jews, and are extremely hostile to Israel. They have no problems with their arab brethren murdering the Jews. You lie with the swine, you get dirty. Best of luck to them.
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A hit job or not, one still gets a feeling that David is an extraordinary and talented individual..
Pam, I know this must be upsetting. But, don't give that worthless idiot credibility (or any traffic for that matter). He is a nobody. A washed out aging gay hippie, and a former mediocre guitar player with no intellect or a personality. This is Internet. There are lots of crazies posting crazy crap out there. "little green johnson" is one of them. "lgf" is an extremist hate site, which has zero credibility with anyone considered clinically sane, whether on the left or on the right. Just forget about its existence, and the way it's been going in terms of popularity (or lack thereof), lgf eventually cease to exist on its own.
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Very sad. Amy was immensely talented. In her case, drugs and alcohol, and ultimately her death were a by-product of the bipolar (manic-depressive) disease that she'd suffered from. The same happened to quite a few talented people such as Kurt Cobain, Jaco Pastorius, Jimi Hendrix and many others.. RIP
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I keep hearing that the Kurds are great, and stuff... Always had my doubts, as they subscribe to the same head-slicing, self-detonating, genocidal "theology" concocted by what's his name... you know.. that infamous psychotic caravan robber and pedophile from Arabia.
Did you even read his book "Son of Hamas"? It's pro-terror, anti-Israel garbage. I couldn't get through it wihout wanting to barf at about every page. Real deal... right...
Yo.. Dawg. You're a bit late to this party. CNN has been at it for many years. I turned them off somewhere around year 2000, during their disgusting coverage of the second "Intifada" where they clearly supported the side of the self-detonating, bloodthirsty, Jew-hating islamaniacs.
And, it is very likely that Israel provides those islamo-savages with the Internet access... as well as electric power, water, etc...
According to the latest news, there was "allahu akbar" screaming involved during the truck attack in Tel Aviv, as is usual is such cases. The MSM is still looking for the motives of the "driver"....
Maybe Bubba's saying that Rauff should put up an honest billboard saying that his mosque is dedicated to the jihadi hijackers that plowed into the WTC?
The TV "report" on "koran burning" just happened to be shown on Press TV, an Iranian channel. You've got to give it to those degenerates - they're playing to win.. On the other hand, it seems like we are playing to help them win..
I just don't get the controversy here... What the hell is wrong with anyone deciding to burn a Koran or anything else, as long as it's done in a safe manner and on a private property? Is there a law that prevents any citizen from doing so? If not, then everyone needs to calm down, as it is no one's business. So what if Obama wants to defend islam? It's still unconstitutional to dictate and impose the personal views on the general population, even for a president. As far as provoking muslims, that too isn't against the law. And there is no reason to keep bending over backwards and keep accommodating the increasingly hostile demands from the adherents of islam. There will be no end to those demands, if anything - they will keep growing exponentially - so might as well nip it in the bud.
Erica, how come any burnings of the Torah or the New Testament books would never serve as "terrorist recruitment tools" or an incentive to kill anyone? How come anything that is seen as criticism of ISLAM serves to enrage its adherents and set them on a path to murder? Just a few questions that need answers before we start slamming the pastor for his perfectly legal/legitimate expression of protest against Islam and its murderous ideology and deeds.
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Shana Tova to Pam and everyone. Pay no attention to the unworthy. This "obama" will be gone and forgotten soon enough. Life will go on.
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PLO state won't happen. No chance. And the main reason is that the arabs are not interested in it. There are both ideological and pragmatic reasons. The ideological ones are well known - Islam will not willingly surrender anything it has stolen or won in a war. They think they have the numbers and the time to eventually achieve their victory. They can also count on worldwide support from the anti-semites which are numerous (as has always been the case) The pragmatic reasons for refusing to run their own state are also pretty obvious. First of all, right now with their fraudulent "refugee" and "victim" status they are able to collect billions and live off of those. Running a state will require much labor and ability. It is much easier to blame the Jews for everything and collect welfare, than take responsibility and go to work. Another "pragmatic" reason for not wanting their "state" is that it'll have no sustainable resources, neither natural nor human, nor territorial to be successful. If such a state did come into existence, they would have all the imperative to go to war with both Jordan and Israel in order to acquire the needed territory and resources. In a nutshell: "Palestinians" are not interested in a state, Jordan is against it, Israel is against it, I think other Arab countries are against it also. The only ones that are interested are the US and Europeans. Perhaps the interest there is to make sure this conflict is perpetuated. The conflict allows for establishing and keeping the sphere of influence in the vital region, as well as profiting from the weapons sales to everyone involved. The conflicting parties are just pawns in a global chess game.