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Feb 13, 2010
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I would love to say how much I truly love all the armed forces! My dad was in the military for about 25 years and now I am about to go in as an officer, and it truly is rewarding. I love my family for never giving up on me and i love my amazing friends who continue to love me through my bad, horrible and amazing days. I really want to take the time out and thank the armed forces for serving out there, they are protecting our freedom, and they do it not because they always have to do it but because they want to. It brings tears to my eyes when people get hurt out there saving our country but never get enough recognition for it. Dear John was such an inspiring movie it brought tears to my eyes, because not only was this a love movie but it was a movie for the soldiers, for us americans to realize that you can love, and you will always be loved whether it be by a parent, significant other, a friend, etc. and you can make it, dreams do come true and will be here waiting for all of you to get back home! There will never be enough hate in this world, so why hate when love is all around us. God bless you all so much. I want to grace you with a picture of me and my daddy he is the only man i love who i will know will love me endlessly without doubt. thanks so much to Channing for making this website, it will really be an amazing outlet for people to share their feelings, i give my sincerest thank you to you, god bless you and your family! Love always, Shaninda
Feb 13, 2010
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Feb 1, 2010
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Feb 1, 2010