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The competition for customer attention is as intense as ever. Chris Parente, a colleague of mine and vice president at Strategic Communications Group, discusses in his article “Three Steps to Incorporating Blogs into Communications Programs” how a measured approach to incorporating this emerging communication channel can reap numerous competitive advantages. Read complete article at: Since blog entries often have a more personal voice, they reach customers in ways a company website can’t. This is where creative and well written blogs can really make a difference in getting people to keep coming back. Another way to do this is to merchandise your blogging as actionable sales content according to SmartCEO columnist Marc Hausman. He recommends sales teams forward blog comments to customers and prospects. Reference his article on more effective use of blogs at: It is important to keep two points in mind, however, when working in the blogsphere :1) quality interaction is more important than quantity because you are targeting interested customers and peers in your particular market niche—where it counts most; 2) In order to have an effective blog presence, a company must have an interactive blog. One of the greatest myths about communications is that it is one-way activity of telling people with the underlying assumption that our message moves uninterrupted to the receiver and ends there. The reality is that communicating is a two-way activity in which feedback from the other party is crucial. One of the major functions of feedback is that it allows the senders to see how well they are accomplishing the objectives of the original communication. In brief, what distinguishes effective from ineffective communication is the ability to accurately interpret the feedback provided by the other party. In the business world that means your message gets out unfiltered to the right people, at the right time for close to nothing.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2006 on Strategy: When to Use Blogs? at CorporatePR