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Portland, OR
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You worry it may be TMI, but honestly I really appreciated the candor -- game development doesn't happen in a vacuum, and I wish more people writing about it would acknowledge that. It's a good list of things to keep in mind, as well, when doing independent work. Best of luck, and looking forward to hearing more about the kickstarter project!
Toggle Commented May 19, 2012 on Game Dev Dad at GameDevBlog
Strictly speaking, Baha'is do have something before March (but only barely): Ayyam-i-ha, which is generally equated as the "Baha'i Christmas". That's the last 4 days of February (5 on leap years). Regardless, thanks for the well wishes, thanks for the blog, happy birthday, and happy new year!
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Strictly speaking, Meego isn't a company, it's an operating system that grew out of Moblin and Maemo, and is stewarded by The Linux Foundation. It actually makes a lot of sense for Samsung to be considering Meego: the ONE phone Nokia put out with it was actually pretty stunning and robust, and since it's open source (actually open source, not like Android), they can leverage an already developed OS with only minor investment on their part.
Fantastic piece. I feel like it addresses a pretty serious myopia we've all been subjected to at one point or another. Best of luck on the defense!
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2009 on I dwell in possibility at Terra Nova
I think folks are kind of missing the point when they're describing the origins and uses of NSFW, and the state of the American workplace. We're quite well aware of the current state of things, the point is that it's time to CHANGE that, and and that change occurs (like any other major shift) through individual action.
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