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Monday, you seem to be a rabble rouser instigating impulsive actions. I understand why UB students and Cameroonians should be embittered but we have to think first before you act. Mr. Monday, I have just one question. Are you a supporter of the SCNC? what are your political affiliations?
Thanks for the link Kumbaboy, that was interesting.
Hmmm, funny. I use to think that only Southern Cameroonians were the ones suffering in Cameroon. I am sincerely perturbed to find out that even Francophones are burning from the scorching heat of Biya's regime. Call me a fool but could the problem in Cameroon be caused by bad governance and not regionalism? just a suggestion.
Mr. Simplice, if you waiting for an apology for me, then you will wait until you get into your grave. You people on this forum will never stop surprising me with your overt hypocrisy. I see it in your politics and now it is showing in your character. Simplice & co.,When Ma Mary made derogatory remarks about my "manhood" did any of you guys tell her to apologize? or is it because she is a woman? so it is ok for women to make derogatory remarks about men but it is not ok for men to return the favor? when you attack, be prepared to attack. When Hitler invaded Poland, their allies retaliated. hyporisy M Nje & co., when your fellow SCNC compatriot Paa NgemGOAT comes here every day and vomits filthy and foul words, have you ever reprimanded him? hypocrisy. All of guys inlcuding Simplice are disgusting hypocrites and you prove that everyday. Simplice, you always put up a front as the logical student but in reality, you just a hypocrite like MAMOTHERFUCKER, PAA NGEMGOAT, M JOKE and the rest of the clan. If you can't stand the heat, leave the bloody kitchen.
Simplice, as regarding your question, all I have to say is that it is open to interpretation. I will add one thing though, any woman who spends 24/7 on a forum posting lengthy monologues, searching for online articles, cooking up propagandist strategies, attempting to brainwash a populace with illogical ideologies and still has to sell ice-cream in America or Europe to earn a living clearly has some issues in her marital bed :)
MaMotherFucker, if you look past my "gutter language in public space", you will see that I drafted a "fact-based" argument supporting federalism to counteract your SCNC propagandist doctrine. I can see that you conveniently ignored my argument and decided to capitalize only on my "gutter language". Selective memory is the most valuable tool in your SCNC propagandist strategy and I condescend to say that you do use it very well. As regarding my "gutter language", I find it hypocritical that the morally-sufficient Ma Mary is criticizing me. Can this moral fighter and epitome of justice call Ma Mary be a big, fat fake? when I came to this forum to propagate my ideas of a United and federal Africa, who were those who insulted me with "gutter language"? wasn't it your SCNC compatriots? your brother Paa NgemGOAT is always using foul language but have you ever reprimanded him? just this week MaMotherfucker, did you not use "gutter language" to insult me? haven't you just referred to me as an alcoholic suffering from the Minnesota cold? Do I smell a hypocrite? is Ma Mary, the SCNC mother of unmatched virtue a hypocrite? hmmmmm...suspicious. MaMotherfucker, you and your SCNC buffoons introduced "gutter language" on this forum to insult, break down and destroy your critics. Now that I have bought the tactic, you dare complain? If you can't stand the heat, leave the kitchen.
* Bad governance is the problem with Southern Cameroons and Africa and not regionalism
MaMotherfucker, nice monologue, I always wonder how an ice-cream selling, working class Thatcherite like yourself has time for all these lengthy monologues. Your husband is probably not satisfying you enough. Anyways, you raise good and valid points which I can't deny. However, I stand strong with my point that the Southern Cameroons problem was caused by bad governance and not "Francophones". Even Southern Cameroons' politicians were corrupt back in the day. Foncha, that corrupt short man, negotiated illegal deals with Ahidjo at the detriment of SOuthern Cameroons. He was also a regionalist who enlisted only "Graffi" people into prominent roles into his KNDP party. As for Muna, his own is a sad case. I would not belabor the point because we all know about the atrocities of Muna AGAINST his own people. Bad governance is the people with Africa and nor regionalism. That is why I advocate for a federal system in all African countries modeled after the American system. How do you think a multi-ethnic country like America hasn't been swallowed by chaos? it's the federal system which gives local governments power to rule themselves and at the same time enforcing the checks and balances system. Secession is a short term goal that would backfire before you can open your eyes. It would bring more economic hardship and social turmoil. Just look at Eritrea. They seceded from Ethiopia and look at them today: conflict, famine, wars you name it. Federalism would bring long-term achievements like stability and prosperity. It would give regions power to govern themselves but at the same time, it ensures the unity of Africa. That is like eating your cake and having it. But I don't expect propagandists like MaMotherFucker to understand this. People like MaMotherFucker read Kark Marx and scraps from Martin Luther's speeches one day and decided that they can govern a country. People like MaMotherFucker see secession as a golden political opportunity but forget to look at the long-term. People like MaMotherFucker have been blinded by their own political ambitions, pride, cockiness and closed-mindedness. Sad, sad, sad. People no longer think about their children's children's children's children's these days. People like MaMotherFucker, Paa NgemGOAT and LegimaGOAT are out for self-gratification. Na so so langa go kill SCNC i tell you true...
"The issue of writing letters to Paul Biya was a vain and vague endeavor.What would that mean to a person who got no value nor respect for the Southern Cameroonians' lives"- Legima Doh Legima Goat, your shameless SCNC propaganda has ran its course. Do you think its only La Republique that had/has disregard for southern Cameroonians' lives? do you think its only La Republique that has mistreated Southern Cameroonians? what about your fellow southern cameroonian J.N Foncha? when he was P.M of southern cameroon wasn't he corrupt to his own people? didn't he strike illegal deals with Ahidjo at the detriment of his own people? wasn't his KNDP party corrupt? didn't he favor "graffis" over the coastal people? what about S.T Muna? why don't you talk about them? HYPOCRITE! My point is that the problem with Cameroon is bad governance and not regional issues or boundaries, The SCNC tries to make everything seem like a regional issue which is a blatant lie. The problem with Cameroon and Africa is bad governance and not Francophone/ Anglophone. Look at America which is made up of whites/blacks/Asians and all races you can possibly imagine. How do they make it work? good governance. Please, don't be deceived by the shameless SCNC propaganda propagated by people with fake visas with political ambitions.Be not fooled by the likes of legima GOAT and MaMotherFucker.
The SCNC buffoons on this forum are distracting us from issues in Cameroon. This forum should be for people who are willing to discuss positive ideas and bring up credible solutions to improve Cameroon for the betterment of EVERYONE. This forum should be for patriotic Cameroonians who are willing to end the Biya era and start a new era of democracy and progress for all Cameroonians. The SCNC buffoons come here everyday and distract us from doing just this. This forum should be for citizens only so does claiming not to be citizens should be kicked out. The SCNC can go and form their own site where they can cry, whine and moan all day for all I care.
since you guys have anchored to the name-calling game, I shall abide to the rules. Paa NgemGOAT, The only BOZO on this forum is you. In 2020, you will still be on this forum singing songs of Southern Cameroons liberation. You stupid man. I feel so sorry for you MaMotherfucker, do you think you hollow threats can scare me? stop wasting your time. If fighting for the liberation and freedom for ALL AFRICANS and not only SOUTHERN CAMEROONS makes me an "African frog" as you earlier stated, then so be it. Paa NgemGOAT and MaMotherFucker, how different is the SCNC from SDF? have you guys delivered? all you do is talk, have you delivered? at least the SDF has made some progress, what have you guys done? what happened to your famous Bakassi commandos? have they used Rexon's fake papers to escape to Europe? have they escaped like you guys to Oyiboland? have they all fled to Oyiboland? who is fighting on the battlefield in Cameroon? Na so so Langa go kill SCNC I tell wuna true, na so so langa. When dem don show this SCNC fools dem visa, na so dem di glad. Na so so langa for Oyibo go kill the foolish things dem. Paa NgemGOAT and MaMotherFucker, the SCNC is a big, fat JOKE.
or have they contacted Paa Ngembus and Rexon for fake asylum papers so that they can escape from Cameroon like you guys did? Na langa go kill SCNC i tell you true...
SCNC, your cries are becoming redundant. You guys are making this site really boring with your constant cries and repetitive monologues. Ma Mary and Legima Doh, I have two words for you: BORING, BORING!!!!We need to start seeing more actions and less monologues. Whatever happened to your Bakassi commandos? have they retired already?
"You are fighting the wrong battle"- Rexon Mr. Rexon, you made you the judge of what's right and what's wrong? what is wrong about fighting for the liberation of an entire nation? I am finding a hard time comprehending why fighting for the justice for an entire nation is wrong. When the American government passes laws in congress that favors immigrants, are they fighting a wrong battle? when the government of England or Ireland or wherever you are passes a law that favors immigrant students like you Rexon, are they fighting a wrong battle? when the government of European countries gives visas to all the fake SCNC asylum seekers who use SCNC as a platform to "fall bush", are they fighting a wrong battle. Don't justify a battle only when it serves "indigenous" people or what you call citizens of Southern Cameroon. International laws and U.N boundaries don't mean a thing.You refuse to acknowledge that Africa was one before the Berlin conference divided us but yet you never fail to acknowledge that U.N-recognized boundary separating Southern Cameroon from La Republique. HYPOCRITES!!!! What matters is good governance and that is what Cameroonians should be fighting for. AFRICA MUST UNITE AFRICA MUST UNITE AFRICA MUST UNITE
"THE ANGLOPHONES HAVE BETRAYED THE FRANCOPHONES WHO WANTED CHANGE, BY HIJACKING A PEOPLE,S MOVEMENT, AND REDUCE IT , INTO DEATH CELEBRATION POLITICS, SOME ARE ALSO EXCITED IN THE TOYS , THEY CALL POST."- DR. Cameroon Are you crazy my friend? what kind of doctor are you? you have gone stark, raving mad? So, now you are accusing Anglophones for the problems in Cameroon eh? how many anglophones are in the government? how many anglophones hold decision-making positions in Cameroons? how many anglophones have ever been president? who are the richest people in Cameroon? I am not even going to bother to argue with a joke like you. Arguing with you would be like trying to prove that the a dog is an animal. I leave you to your conscience CAMEROON(I would be damned to refer to you as DR. because you clearly don't deserve the title)
So Mr/Mrs. Eyengue, I do admire your objectivity but do you mind if I ask your political affiliation? are you an CPDM loyalist then? if not, what is your political affiliation?
Red flag, are you tired of writing in bold letters? you have constantly demonstrated your stupidity on this forum so I am not surprised by your mediocre comments. Just because I am not an SCNC sheep doesn't mean that I am a Biya supporter. There are a lot of people in and out of Cameroon fighting for change in our beloved motherland but they don't work for Biya's regime. To equate people who are not SCNC loyalists to supporters of Biya is not only naive, it's plain stupid. The SCNC believes that ALL francophones are responsible for Cameroon's problems and that is why they are dancing to the tunes of secession. To me, that is absolute BULLOCKS because I know a lot of francophones who are equally suffering from the pangs of Biya's regime. One of my best friends was a Bamelike who once resided in Douala. Their family was tormented by the system and they had to relocate to Buea in search for greener pastures. So, Mr. Red flag, don't open your filthy mouth and tell me what to believe. Don't open your smelly mouth and call me a traitor because I believe that all suffering Cameroonians should be liberated, not only Southern Cameroonians. I also challenge you to buy a plane ticket to Bakassi, buy sufficient guns too, go to Bakassi with all of your family, share the guns to your family members including your mother and father, and lead your family into an war with La Republique. Don't sit in your one room apartment in America and make foolish comments after you have sold ice-cream all day. You are a COWARD my friend. You make empty threats on the internet while people are dying in Cameroon. Go to Cameroon and fight you coward. And until you do that, I will consider you are a washed-up fraud and a mighty COWARD.
May the souls of these hardworking men and women rest in peace and may God shower their families with blessings. R.I.P It is a shame that Fru Ndi, an opposition leader, pays reverence to these men and women while the head of state, that bloodthirsty vampire in Etoudi, is a no-show and does not even send a dignitary envoy to pay homage to hardworking employees of his own judiciary system. I am sure he is pretty occupied with his plan to extend his tenure of office.
Julia roberts? chinese girls? femme fatale? hahahahahahahahahah....that was too funny. It's good to know that despite the fiesty words and heated debates, you guys have a soft side.
Legima Doh, why don't you buy a plane ticket, go to Bakassi, pick up a gun and attack Cameroonian soldiers? don't sit in front of the internet like a coward and make empty noise. Take matters into your own hands and manifest your destiny.
Red Flag, you are really an idiot. I wonder if you read some of the trash you write. Simplice, that was really mature of you to ignore him. He makes me wonder if this forum is accessed by primary school kids. If that is the case, then things would make more sense.
Ndode, that was a more than excellent response to Paa Ngembus. Brilliant, ablsolutely brilliant. You tackled these SCNC critics with class, facts and dignity. Let me quote my best part of your write-up. "What you do not understand is that there is now a younger, and more dynamic generation of Cameroonians who put the CPDM, the SDF, the SCNC, and the two hundred other odd political parties in Cameroon in the same general category--OLD NEWS! A generation which looks beyond one nation at the bigger picture, and understands that Africa as a whole is suffering from the remnants of Cold War politics. A situation which the West is desperately trying to rescue today, but only succeeding in producing flawed democracies on the continent."- Ndode This is brilliant. You have shown these SCNC people that just because you do not support their ideological platform, does not mean that you are a CPDM stooge. Paa Ngembus and his friends see everybody who is not SCNC as a worshiper of Biya's regime. They forget that there is an increasing number of Cameroonians who are tired of the rhetorics in the Cameroonian political scene and are fighting for change. They forget that there are a lot Cameroonians who are non-SCNC who are fighting for the betterment of Cameroon. They forget that a new wave of Cameroonians are looking into change for the greater picture: AFRICA. To equate non-SCNC members to CPDM stooges is not only naive but shallow, stupid and utter nonsense- quality traits I have come to expect from the SCNC cohorts on this forum. Well done Ndode, I hope to see more of you on this forum. I hope to see more of people like you who use wisdom to shatter all those propaganda SCNC tactics masterminded by the rexonists a.k.a rexon, legima Doh, Ma Mary, Paa Ngembus, red flag, Mk the southerner and the pathetic list goes on.... Thank you!!!!
...and when you go out and shoot three Francophones with or without uniforms isn't that random killing? Mind you, the people who killed these innocent kumba children were military men. When you go and out and also kill innocent francophones on the streets without uniform who are you killing? aren't you killing civilians who had nothing to do with the murder of the crime? isn't than random killing Paa Ngembus? if that is not random then I don't know what is. Your loose mouth and your unruly temper keeps helping you to make a fool out of yourself.
Ngembus, even you can't keep up with your own loose mouth. I will use only your words to show you how you contradict yourself. "FRANCOPHONE != COLONIZER THUG."- Paa Ngembus Paa Ngembus, from the above you made it crystal clear that Francophones are "colonizer thugs". "For every Nkwele that goes down, bring down three (3) colonizer thugs"- Paa Ngmebus "For each Southern Cameroonian that is killed by the colonizer's bullet, use the Malcolm X approach, kill three of the colonizer's thugs with or without uniforms."- Paa Ngmebus Ok Paa Ngembus, if you have already stated that colonizer thugs are francophones, so when you say that for every southern cameroon killed, kill three colonizer thugs with or without uniform who are you referring you? are you not referring to the killing of francophones with or without uniforms? haven't you used your own mouth and said that colonizer thugs are francophones? then why do you say I am forcing words in your mouth? or is it your escape tactics? Paa Ngembus, as I have told you, your unruly temper is your ultimate demise. Your temper is quickly turning you into a joke on this forum. You say this today, you say another thing tomorrow, you contradict yourself and end up looking like a stark, raving lunatic.
...another thing that baffles me is that the people who are calling for these random killings of Francophones (Paa Ngembus especially) are comfortable sitting in Europe. To me, that is overt hypocrisy. How can you be comfortably sitting in your one-room apartments in Europe and in America but then you call for the suffering Cameroonian masses to go into war and risk their lives? Don't using the internet as a weapon. Go to the battlefield in Cameroon and fight. It is easy for people like Rexon and Paa Ngembus to sing the song of war when they are comfortably selling ice-cream in the white man's land. Buy a plane ticket, go to Cameroon, distribute guns to all your family members, march with your family to ETOUDI and start shooting. Until you guys do that, I disregard your authenticity and consider you guys are wash-up frauds. As the German officer in World War I said about the British soldiers, I have never seen such lions ( the people of Cameroon) led by lambs ( the likes of Rexon, Ma Mary and Paa Ngembus hiding in diaspora).