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Francis Frontal, Your English is so deplorable, I could barely understand what you are trying to say. Listen to yourself: "Correct parent never abandon child to kidnapers", "Sexes a woman...". Are you speaking in pidgin or what? please, revise your work and talk we can talk.
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Ma Mary, what do you think about the fact that October 1st passed or is passing in Cameroon almost unnoticed? doesn't it say something about the base the SCNC? doesn't it say that the SCNC hasn't connected with the woman in the market? or the boy in high schooL? or the graduate from UB? doesn't it say something about your grass root support?
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Like father like son....
Darkness is looming over Southern Cameroons and people are going about their daily business. Nobody really cares it is October 1st...they continue with their activities today because October 1st means almost nothing to them. Clear proof my friends that the SCNC lacks grassroot support. No pressure group can ever succeed without grassroot support and from the lukewarm nature of a majority of Southern cameroonians towards October 1st, it is clear that the SCNC has no grassroot support. SCNC people, instead of trying to insult everyone look into how you guys can solve these problems. Your group is made up of proud and egoistical maniacs who are too full of themselves to admit wrong. Rexon and ngemGOAT, take note. When we point out your weaknesses, instead of listening to advice, you call us traitors. You completely ignore the pertinent problems SCNC faces and decide to go after the people who point out these problems. SCNC, keep pretending that you have grassroot support ok? Keep pretending and the year 3000, Ma Mary, Rexon, Legima Doh, Paa NgemGOAT and the rest will still be on this forum. Shooting bullets at La Republique with these mouses. You can swim in your own idiotic pretensions, but no fruit will ever come out of it. Cheers!!!!!
*confirm the story
...from the news i'm getting, MK the southerner might have already been deported. Paa NgemGOAT, I know you have a part-time job to do this night but when you have finished selling ice-cream , can you please ocnfirm the story? thanks!!!!
Paa NgemGOAT, there's no doubt that you are "big" man. Whores are "big" men so we are ot surprised. Ma Mary is the PIMP and Paa NgemGOAT is the WHORE. She sends you out to do all her dirty work. When you're done, you bring them profits and both of you share. Rexon, it's good to see you are back after a long absence. I can see your immigration status is getting better and better. Your brother Legima Doh is also missing these days. Rexon, give him some tips on how you managed your status for as we speak, he risks deportation. Please hook him up with all those SCNC people who arrange false "doki" so that his life might be saved. Paa NgemGOAT, please equally feel free to share your asylum tricks with Legima Doh when your SCIS holds its weekly meetings at Ma Mary's house. Cheers.......
In case you haven't, the lesson is "HYPOCRITES WILL ALWAYS PAY HEAVY PRICE FOR THEIR DECEIT" Now have good weekend too little girl Cheers!!!!
you ought not to little girl. I hope you have learned your lesson.
Ma Mary is the PIMP and Paa NgemGOAT is the whore. Ma Mary sends him around to do all the dirty work. When Paa NgemGOAT has done what he does best, he brings the money to Ma Mary and they split the profits.
"we are not on your clock, so stop harping about 1st October, little man."- Ma Mary Ma Mary, If I would have called you little woman, you would have jumped on my head and called me sexist, a chauvinistic SASSE boy, and the list goes on. HYPOCRISY is what I have come to expect from these SCNC people on this forum. You say one thing, you do another, you preach on thing, you practice. You guys are always quick to praise yourselves. You and your brothers Legima Doh, rexon and Paa ngemGoat never hesitate to call yourselves wise, analytical, intelligent etc. Yet Ma Mary, you are boosting about how much money you make and how you can employ me. What ever happened to the humility of the wise? HYPOCRISY When discussions start getting hot, you unleash your bull dog Paa NgemGOAT to do the dirty work. He says all types of vulgar things but when someone strikes back at that toothless bulldog, you guys say oh you are this, you are that, you are unconstructive. Are the comments by Paa NgemGOAT constructive? eh Ma Mary answer the answer? are his comments constructive? HYPOCRITE I will wait for October 1ST Ma Mary, I will impatiently wait because it was a pivotal day for me. It is the day that will prove what I have always said on this forum. I have always said that the SCNC is running in the UN every day when they lack grassroot support in Cameroons. From the number of people in southern cameroons who partake in this October 1st celebration, we will know if the people of southern cameroon really give a damn about the SCNC or not. Ma Mary is the PIMP and Paa NgemGOAT is the whore. Ma Mary sends him to go around and do all the dirty. Ma Mary, you little girl, your hypocrisy has been exposed.
"We support this struggle knowing very well the sacrifice that is required. We are not ever looking backward. No matter the distraction, we are ready to take it to the end."- M Nje, Hahahaha let me not laugh. Mr. M Nje iF you want to really fight this battle, please pack you things, abandon your asylum status in Europe and go back to Cameroon and fight the real battle. Go to Cameroon, go to Buea, go to Douala, go to Bamenda, go to Yaounde, go to all these places and challenge Biya and his people let me see. You sit in your asylum camps and write nonsense on the internet. Who told you that Nelson Mandela shattered apartheid by fighting his war on the internet and hiding inside his room? did Rosa Parks help end segregation by just sitting quiet and doing nothing? eh? You SCNC poeple are hypocrites, BIG TIME HYPOCRITES. You comfortably sit in Europe and use all types of words to praise yourselves. You call yourselves freedom fighters, analytical this, analytical that, beholders of the truth bla bla bla while people are dying in Cameroon everyday. The real people who are fighting Biya are suffering are dying in Cameroon while Idiots like you are selling ice-cream in Europe and at the end of the day, you come to the internet and say you are fighting the battle to the every end. NONSENSE!!!!
Paa NgemGOAT, October 1st is all I have to say, October 1st.
I will reserve all my comments till October 1st....the watershed day we shall all know if the SCNC is that power revolutionary pressure group in Cameroon Ma Mary, rexon, Legimah Doh(who has been absent for awhile. The immigration officers have been chasing him apparently, Paa NgemGOAT, etc. I will reserve my words till my October 1st...I can't hardly wait.
Pa NgemGOAT, have you ran out of insults? I have discovered the best way to deal with an overexcited imbecile like you. I can hardly wait for October 1st, I am just so psyched about that day. On October 1st, we will all know whether the SCNC has grassroot support in Southern Cameroons. We people go about their daily lives or will they celebrate? do people really see the SCNC as their last hope or do they think they are just making empty noise? October 1st will tell and I can't hardly wait. In a few days, the truth shall surface CHEERS!!!
hahaha Pa NgemGOAT, I can see you are struggling for words. Repeating the same thing over and over and showing everybody how insecure you are. I will say anything, you will drown in your own idiotic mess. Keep ridiculing yourself Paa NgemGOAT, it works to my advantage.
hahaha....Paa NgemGOAT, please don't stop the comedy. Me and my friends are dying with laughter...please keep on, please I am begging you. You are really an ass, a jester, a fool, a dear fool please go on!!!
Pa NgemGOAT, listen to yourself? SCIS? hahahahahahahhahahahaah....this is comedy right here. Has the SCNC degenerated to this? petty threats from fake organizations? where is your SCIS headquarters? in Ma Mary's "head-tie"? or you NgemGOAT's toilet? hahahahahahhahaha....wonders shall never seize.
"The Southern Cameroons Intelligence Services (SCIS) in collaboration with some foreign governments is investigating the neferious and criminal activities of about two dozen individuals in La Republique du Cameroun, Europe, The USA and Canada."- Paa NgemGOAT Pa NgemGOAT, Listen to how you sound? read over what you wrote and really listen to how you sound? you sound like a ten year old playing a game of "police and thieves" with his friends. An old man like you trying to scare people by making such childish statements? SCIS in collaboration with some foreign goverments? are you kidding me Pa NgemGOAT? we are in primary school? which foreign governments are you talking about? the asylum group of Europe that holds weekly meetings in Ma Mary's house? are you serious NgemGOAT? this is not primary school ok? this is a forum for serious ideas. "Their criminal activities span the whole gamut immigration fraudsters."-Paa NgemGOAT Paa NgemGOAT, This just made me laugh. It just reminded of the joke about a fool holding up a mirror and saying "This person in this mirror is the most ugliest person I have ever seen". The fool forgets that he is looking at his own reflection. Paa NgemGOAT, You are accusing us of being immigration fraudsters? are you joking or you are serious? has Paa NgemGOAT got mad? Paa NgemGOAT, everybody in Cameroon knows that the highest immigration fraudsters are the SCNC. You guys lie that you are being persecuted, you bribe gerdarmes and politicians for fake documents and you contact your other fraudsters abroad to finalize the process by making more malicious documents. Paa NgemGOAT, are you sick? this "SCNC internet war" you are fighting must be giving you a fever. See a doctor NGEMGOAT, then visit a psychiatric ward. If the none of the above work then my dear goat, you have use. We will them take the goat, Paa NgemGOAT, to the slaughterhouse. I am sure we can find people who are dying to eat dead goat meat. Cheers!!!
October 1st shall determine whether the SCNC has grassroot support or not. From the people who participate in the October 1st celebrations, we will all know if the majority of Southern cameroonians are supporting the SCNC. On this forum, people always come trying to prove their intelligence. They quote all sorts of textbooks, writers and use all kinds of high-sounding words. October 1st will determine if all this "knowledge" matches the reality in Cameroon ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS and the action of the Southern Cameroonian people on October 1st will tell us how the Southern cameroon feels about the SCNC I can't hardly wait for October 1st. It will a pivotal day on this forum. Happy October 1st celebrations Cheers!!!!
"UnitedstateofAfrica, The last time I check, your mission was to achieve a United State of Africa. To achieve that, you preached to us that we should abandon our struggle, give up our right to Self Determination so that you can achieve your dream."- M Nje Yes! Mr. M Nje, your naivety and ignorant is killing you once again. Can you quote when I ever said that the people of Southern Cameroons should surrender their right to self-determination to La republique? you take things out of context, manipulate them and use them for the usual bullshit SCNC propaganda. Go back and read what I have been saying. What I proposed was that the people of Southern Cameroons should fight for the adoption of a federal system like the one in the United states. With a federal system, Southern Cameroons have the full capacity to rule themselves without any influence from La Republique. This is in compliance with our goal for a united Africa. Our goal for a united states of Africa is not one state under one president and one military. What we want is a federal, united Africa like the federal system in America. All regions of Africa will have the right to rule themselves and we will have a congress made up of members from all African countries in Addis Ababas. So Mr. M Nje, go to my earlier write-ups and read what I have been writing carefully before you make accusations. Always check your facts before you run your mouth carelessly Mr. M Nje because right now, you sound like Mr. M JOKE CHEERS!
yes M Nje, ignore the problem as you always do. Success shall always come when you ignore the problem. you guys are kidding yourselves.
"Freedom must be fought for, and no where in the world has freedom been fought for with words. Until "Argument of Force" replaces "Force of Argument" and COURAGE replaces COWARDICE then can we start talking of fighting for freedom."-MUKI Good job Muki, that was a brilliant analysis. I will be celebrating October 1st but I still have my suspicions about the SCNC. In my opinion, they lack grassroot support. The SCNC cannot be running around the world singing songs of southern cameroons liberation when they lack grassroot support. Before you jump on my head and start talking about surveys, statistics, etc. I have one thing to tell you. October 1st will be the litmus test to prove if the SCNC really has the required grassroot support.The number of people who participate in the October 1st celebrations will tell us how southern cameroonians really fell about the SCNC. From the number of people who show up to the designated locations and try to partake in any of the celebrations on October 1st will prove if the SCNC really has that grassroot support. October 1st will expose the truth. October 1st will put an end to all the arguments we have been having on this forum about whether the SCNC has grassroot support or not. Let the actions of October 1st speak louder than words.
"That`s why you took two months here trying to show them that you don`t live in trees, because you are connected to the internet."- Wateshit Mr. WateSHIT, Internet has always been available to me. I can get an hour and 30 minutes at a cyber cafe with simply 150 frs. Have you forgotten that before you traveled to Europe you lived in Cameroon? have you forgotten that you were born in Cameroon? You sit in Europe and make derogatory remarks, you should be ashamed of yourself. You will always be the white man's monkey no matter how hard you try. As long as you are in Europe, you will always live your life as a second class citizen. If may have all the internet in the world WateSHIT, but you will remain a slave I will choose the SDF over SCNC any day because I think that the SDF has recorded more successes. As I earlier said, I still donate money to my SDF municipality. However, I am not blind. I have seen the mistakes they have made and how they continuously fall into the same pit falls. The only reason why the SDF cannot end these mistakes is thanks to hopeless fanatics like Fon and WateSHIT. According to them, nothing is wrong is the SDF ans the SDF is on the right track. They will fall on anybody's head who dares something is going wrong with the SDF. We wash plates in Europe and make lopsided statements. If the SDF does not change its course, their sole purpose in Cameroon will be painting a false image of democracy in Cameroon. So Mr. WateSHIT, you can say whatever you want, but the truth remains. Whether you like it or not, the SDF is spiraling downwards. If they don't change course, they would end up like the UPC: Totally inexistent. Keep washing your plates in Europe and don't make vaque assertions about issues you lack any experience. WateSHIT, a word to a wise is enough.
Simplice, I have seen you on this forum morph from a genuine student to a wise leader. Well done.