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Over lapping comment posts. I haven't dug into the details but Google API stats are here:
Thanks for the kind words. Opensource Obscure caught the change in Google's thinking on the subject and posted it in comments. I haven't seen any new discussion in the group meetings or mailing lists. I don't expect any until after Google gives people some idea of cost.
Another shape thing I find people overlook is having a shape for skirts. One needs to shrink their usual butt and hips to something smaller to wear skirts and have them look right. I have a modified copy of my shape just for use with skirts.
One interesting consideration is what Direct Delivery will do to land rentals. I rent land to set my Magic Box on. Direct Delivery will remove that need. As I am currently unhappy with my current landlord I may give up having any land. I suspect I'm not the only one. I think it is obvious we need new players in SL. Something is wrong that of the 10k signups per day only enough people are staying to replace the losses. Player retention has to be a major concern for LL management. LL needs a flood of new players to either justify the region hosting cost or be able to lower the land prices. It would be nice to know if their strategy is to try and hold land prices or become more competitive. I would hate to be a land tycoon right now. LL is working on so many fronts and changing so many things at breakneck speed. Chances are something will work. Resistance to change... that is very broad. I think different residents are resistant to different types of change. I also think the changing user interface is improving. It will be interesting to see if Basic Mode changes the player retention rates over the next couple of months.
Hear, hear, Ann.
@Ananda: Repeat logins are the count of people that logged in more than once within the time frame. Ciaran is right that some people are spending more time ADITI than AGNI. What we don't know is exactly how Linden Lab counts those logins. Are those numbers login regardless of which grid? I suspect so. I'm guessing the login servers are the same for all the Lab's grids. But, I could be wrong. Bots... there are a lot of them. Many are registered with LL as bots. Does LL include bot logins in the numbers? I suspect they do. How many times a month do bots login? Do they ever log out? How many bots are there? Too many unknowns. Wayfinder has a point about the seasonal shifts in logins. Summer is coming and I expect to see more of a decrease in logins and time in world. Also, I spend more time building in OpenSim, testing scripts, and experimenting. Then I bring those things to SL. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So, the total hours I spend in VW probably has not changed much. However, the time I spend in SL has decreased. I can put mesh on my OpenSim regions now. To build mesh stuff for SL is much easier and cheaper in OpenSim. Only the finished object and textures need to be brought into SL. While I could do much of that work in ADITI (preview grid), I have a return-time-limit to deal with that I don't have in OpenSim. I suspect many of the core residents engage in similar behavior. It is very hard to know what is happening with residents. It is even harder to predict the future of SL. 146 new regions were purchased last week and 129 regions closed. Thousands of new signups per day and only 1 or 2% stay... Obviously player retention is a problem.
It is interesting that so far all agree that spying is a bad thing. It says little about what is really happening in SL. If SL were more like RL, trusting your partner and expecting honesty might be justified. Having run around with a couple of wild girl friends and been consistently propositioned by the guys proposing SL marriage to my friends... I think the number of players in SL is much greater than in real life. The idea that 'If you don't trust your partner...' just ignores the fact that most of SL is RP. You never know when the other person is IC or OOC unless they tell you and you never know if they are being honest even then. If someone has figured out how to do that, I'd like to hear how they do it.
The SIMS looks like more of a Second Life than the actual SL. The SIMS seems like a very limited SL. Also much of what one does in world seems to be forced on the player. SL has much more creative freedom and choice. In SL I can live in the future, past, or present. I can fight a war or go to a fashion show. I suppose all that freedom and choice could be a problem. The world seems more interested in creating government control (the SIMS) than promoting freedom (SL) and dealing with the personal responsibility and problems individuals must deal with in a free world. Hamet, I have to wonder if you are trolling… The big deal in SL is clothes and fashion, avatar appearance. If you really think new people coming into SL are not going to see the other unique avatars and want their own unique avatar, you must be underestimating what we have seen as common place in other games. The 'how did you do that', 'where did you get that' questions most players ask is prevalent in every game I’ve been in. Just because there are a couple of dozen canned avatars in the Basic SL viewer does not mean human nature is going to change. I suspect you know these things. And sex… WTH… do you really think anyone anywhere wants less sex? I know there are people that simply are not interested in in-world pixel sex. But, they are certainly curious about it. Coming from the PG Myst games I was amazed at the number of co-players coming to SL that have admitted to being strippers, escorts, bi-curious, and that have explored Zindra. Some explored life styles and others were just being curious. It is the nature of humans. The viewer is not going to change human nature. The most it can do is cater to it. Which many Lindens seem not to understand. The Basic Viewer may solve the problem of getting people to the fun stuff in SL. It certainly allows them to skip over the drudgery of creating a first avatar and finding places. The new social networking may make it easier to find friends. That may change how people behave in SL, identity and reputation are important to people. So, life style experimentation will move to alternates, which is not that much of a change. So… are you trolling?
"I don't think the problem is communication, it's a problem of perception and that can't be healed by communication. More accurately, it can't be healed by two-way communication." - Dartagan Shepherd I agree there is a perception problem. But, perception is changed by communication. The example of how that works is politics. Political debate is all about two-way communication changing people’s perceptions. Propaganda is an arrogant use of communication that expects to change perception by assuming people will not think about what they hear. But, propaganda works… so, people continue to use it and will until the gullible leave the planet. I agree with the idea in Dartagan’s comment that the Lab must DO things that demonstrate their heads and hearts are in the right place. We’ve heard the business PR (a type of propaganda) and many of us are not impressed. However, since the Rosedale speech about fun and easy and better communication we have seen improving communication. There are flaws and weak spots but it is better. Also, I think it is silly to think of the residents as a homogeneous group. We aren’t. People write and comment as if the residents are. The residents are an aggregate of different nationalities and political views. Socialists and capitalists see the requirements for running successful businesses as completely different. There are those that want to change everything, there are those that want no change, there are those that fight any change and then complain about the lack of change… Anyone that tries to speak for the group is clueless. Categorizing SL is pretty much impossible, much less the residents.
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Mar 19, 2011