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Srikant Nalatwad
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I like most of your tools except your argument about using mouse over keyboard.. I dont think you save much time using KBD. All the so called computer geeks hate mouse and like typing. I am the fan of mouse because I started working on the Computers seriously when mouse was already invented. I can do everything including ctl+alt+del (with VMs) with the mouse. I am thankful to the mouse inventor for making my life simple. I believe those who support keyboards over mouse are just trying to prove themselves...while the whole world has far ahead with the 'mouse'. Of course it is healthy.. your hand is healthier with mouse...infact it is greener..keyboard needs more plastic than mouse (exceptions are touch sensors). You may want to read an interesting discussion on ask TOD: Thanks..keep writing, Srikant
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Very well written..but seems very negative. Look from the positive side. We believe that human race is the only race which fully appreciates the resources of this planet...with the advanced brain we have. Most of the other species just feed on them and die some time later like Dinos did. They have not left the trace because they were not intelligent enough to look beyond this planet and they were not ready for the eventuality . I am proud of human capabilities and believe that we will find ways to go to other planets, which are not being appreciated by none other than humans..for example moon. Moon is the most appreciated thing on earth more than Moonites..I hope some thing like that exist. Yes, I agree that we need to control our population and care for our fellow inhabitants. We are not the cancer but we are the best thing ever happened to this planet. -Human
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Jul 30, 2011
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Jul 30, 2011
Very started thinking like a soon. This is a very good start. I am sure I will forget, as soon as Akanksha starts wasting her time on facebook and Shreesh starts playing Wii game for the 1000th time...this life:) -Srikant
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2011 on Father Forgets at The Third Eye
I heard that you are giving your second speech..when do we get to read the speech. According to Mekha it is in the similar lines of this speech...crazier!! Waiting for the next post, Srikant
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2011 on My Ice Breaker speech at The Third Eye
Nicely written... it has Bobby's punch. When you are living why do you think about death? Let it come whenever it wants to. Convey my best wishes to Nelvin... I even forgot his his mane. What is he doing now? Since markets have crashed he must have moved some other career. Cheers, Srikant
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2010 on My Ice Breaker speech at The Third Eye
I might read the Cartoon History book which is available in our library network. Let me check out the Mentalist. Have you seen 24? It is in the similar line but no sci fi. Lot of violence and torture. Good to see you blogging again. -Srikant
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Toastmasters ka practice bhoola nahin...nice job. -Srikant
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Sep 17, 2010