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Paul Biya was expecting a situation as such to take place in the country but did not know how it will come. If you ask him in his closet he will tell you ‘I expected this’. The strike I should say is not orchestrated by the opposition leader or those in opposition. From a closed look you will understand that these are youth who vote for CPDM. The youths the CPDM officials manipulate to vote for the party with 5000 FRS or even 1000 FRS. CPDM Militants themselves are not happy to continue to vote Biya still his death. Why HIPC, (why reaching the point) if things will not change? Why do we supply countries with fuel and other food stuff and we suffer in our country? Where is the revenue of SONARA going to? If Cameroonian youths are delinquents then Biya’s Regime has made them so. Why youths and some of our parent out of the country? This is because of the state of affairs in this country. They go out and do odd jobs because they cannot survive here. Why I am still in the country, I know ‘God will one day Restore Cameroon and disgrace all those with power from the devil’ Biya has deployed the ‘red eyed’ guys from koutaba to kill their fellow countrymen. Biya does not have anything to be afraid of. He might be out of the country now with his family. 'His Excellency life can not continue like that'. ‘ONE DAY THE OUTLET OF THE TUNNEL WILL BE VERY HOT EVEN TO ESCAPE’ To the CTRV journalist, secure your job as you please but remember that you have brothers and sister you wish to feed with that money. My condolence to all the bereaved families. Let the chidren of God pray for this nation Cameroon.GOD IS NOT ASLEEP! BAMENDA. CAMEROON