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Mr. Keachie, I would like to assure you that I do understand the distinction between a gun lockbox and a suitcase. Having spent thirty five years traveling the world in our family business I have hauled my share of suitcases. They are always checked in as opposed to "carry-ons" which frequently travel with you in the cabin. George, would it be a CCW infraction in NYC if, upon check-in, an empty gun in a lock box is immediately put in the safe deposit box in the hotel room and is not removed until it is placed in your suitcase upon departure? And would a trip involving three other airport stops after NYC have any bearing on the rules? Also, it would seem possible to declare a standardized rule for all airports since they are frequently hosts to out of state or out of country visitors. You may be carrying a gun and have a legal permit for another stop you are making. If guns are not legal at a particular stop, the owner could then pay the existing authority a storage fee when picking up the gun upon departure. That may be a much better way of handling this situation. Any other ideas that might be workable?
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2011 on Mark Meckler’s CCW Arrest at Rebane's Ruminations
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Dec 20, 2011