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Nancy McGraw
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The multi-stamped images of the dahlias are simply breathtaking. I don't need another floral set, but the stunning examples I've seen have set me close to the tipping point.
Wishes Come True looks like it would be a great set to have on hand for the many birthday cards I make. What I'm really happy with, though, is the set of 'birthday' dies. You've provided a fabulous mix of font styles. Thank you!
Sleepover summer camps were not the thing when I was little, at least in my neighborhood. I was able to go to a variety of different day camps and my favorite thing that I took away from each was learning something new. Whether it was a craft or identifying plants, I loved gathering and then using new information. Still do. Thanks for this chance to win, Heather.
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So very glad to see Summer Hills. Just yesterday I was wishing that I had it in hand.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2013 on Sneak Peek Day 1 at {capture the moment}
I used to enjoy sewing, but when I got married and my husband turned me into his personal tailor, sewing became work. Cross stitch and embroidery are the crafts that I enjoy now.
Love everything about the sentiments in Purls of Wisdom, even the name of the set.
As soon as that top of the first photo came into view, I thought, "Oh, Dawn's cord of wood has been delivered." I have to admit to being just the tiniest bit (well, maybe more than that) jealous. Last week, when we were without power, I told my daughter that I was never buying a house without a fireplace again. I miss that cozy time in front of a blazing fire and the option to use it for heat. Enjoy your bliss. And have fun with the kiddos.
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I am once again amazed at how you are able to capture love in photopolymer acrylic.
The thread cards are charming, especially with their nod to literary characters. The vignette you created with the thread card and roses is sure to push any fence straddlers into the buy side.
It's fun to see Movers & Shakers in use again. It seems the perfect fit for Party Poppers.
I would like to create a mini about spring, the season of rebirth. Somehow, though, I think that would be the hardest season to pull together in a mini. Help!
Great mix of cards. My favorite cards to make are thinking of you/just because cards. I love that there are no parameters with them, except for fitting in the envelope!
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Oct 7, 2012