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eden, I don't in anyway try to defend the cameroonian gov't, it is corrupt no one argues. I don't deny the fact that Cameroonians are facing economic hardship. My point however is that does that justify Cameroonians fabricating stories of how they're being killed and persecuted? I'm a nationalist and I hate to hear this lies. Cameroonians play the DV and they win and come to the US without lieing. How different are you from the minister who steals money if u come and lie and use fraudlent documents to make your economic situation better? Lemme guess, the minister caused u to lie and be corrupt too. But does that make u any less corrupt than the minister? Nope it doesn't. It has to stop someday and I hope sooner rather than later. Again, I am a nationalist and proud to be a Cameroonian. When I see people rubbing my countries name in mud, it aches my heart. If u're an economic assylee file for economic assylum, don't lie in the name of persecution. Once again, those lies affect cameroon in a broader context. I have some friends who wanted to invest there but they looked at the situation and said there was political instability because of the number of people filing for assylum. I'm not just an ignorant person trying to make noise, I know what I'm saying, but if u say the end justifies the means, then its a pity. We shouldn't tell our gov't to stop stealing monies or commiting fraud, because those individuals are just trying to make themselves economically better. mokake
Disco morcho, Everyday, the very Cameroonians who go and lie and make up all kinds of stories to get assylum are thesame people who say the gov't is corrupt. The consequences of these lies each day do not only end with the individuals telling the lies, the country suffers as a whole. Ntemfac Ofege has the right to say no to people who are using his newspaper and his name to tell lies. I'm sure if someone used your name to tell lies and make themselves better u'll be pissed and want to stop it, except of course, u're like one of those Cameroonians who thinks corruption is ok. It takes a lot of pains trying to explain to my colleagues here that those stories are all lies and Cameroon does not have civil strife like they have in Sudan. It has played on my credibility too because they say the stories are many and if that many Cameroonians are telling lies, then it is embedded in our society. I believe the only reason why people abroad even think they support SCNC is assylum based on fabricated stories and lies. I heard the PM will be coming to the U.S. to talk to the state department so that all of these lies can stop. I hope he does. nanga
ahmed, why can cameroon not have a viable stock market? If tiny countries like botswana and mauritius have their own stock exchanges why not Cameroon? mokake
The marriage between the "hausas" in northern nigeria and the igbos in southern nigeria was a terrible mistake by the colonial masters as clashes even today confirm. The marriage between the SW and the NW man in no different, they're two people and the only thing that links them together is thesame thing that links northern nigeria and southern nigeria. As a Cameroonian from the SW, I wear my "rapper" and understand the duala man, same as the Bamenda man understands the Bamileke man, they wear the Bamenda "country clothes." In "my" opinion SCNC has reduced itself to a tacky organisation if it is still one. The comments members of SCNC make in here are just rediculous, everything that happens is because of SCNC. If Biya goes to Switzerland, u guys find a way of relating that to SCNC. My conclusion is that, its just a way of trying to talk about SCNC very much so that when u file for assylum, it'll be granted. Grace Odine, I tried to educate myself by visting the sites u proposed ( How do u explain the fact that Uganda, Eritrea , Zimbabwe and Botswana all voted "yes" for independence of Southern Cameroons when they joined the UN only after 1961, some even as recent as 1993? If u guys try to fake documents, u should at least try and do your home work and at least try to make them look authentic. Intelectuals go to these sites and it makes u guys look really bad. Well, after seing the incosistencies in this document, I realised the was nothing to learn from this site. Nanga
Agborambai, Your economics is excellent and u have the magic wand for Cameroon. nanga
You can call me mukete or whatever, thats not the issue. None of you guys address the issue I raised i.e. SCNC is corrupt. SCNC is corrupt and full of lies. The Cameroonian gov't is corrupt and anglophones have a problem I don't disagree. But what I don't understand is that if it is SCNC corruption, "southern Cameroonians" are ready to turn a blind eye and accept it, afterall it is for the personal gain for a few of them and just like true corrupt Southern Cameroonians, no one addressed the issue I raised. Instead, u all result to personal attack, even the Dr Odine who is supposed to be enlightened. Tell me anyone, do you think Southern Cameroon is not corrupt? nanga mokake
Tambe Tiku u say "La République represents exploitation and outright corruption, and SCNC the interest of work. " SCNC is as corrupt as la Republique. Everyday, they give SCNC cards to people who know nothing and make up stories so people can get assylum. Even anglophone newspapers who are supposed to be fair help to make these stories. SCNC lawyers, who are supposed to help tell the truth say these stories. It happens everyday, I'm sure there's no day in this world that passes without and SCNC lie and corruption taking place. I don't have to be a ngwa or a bate to get this lies, I could be an Akono and at the right price, I'll claim Cameroon wants me dead. This is plain corruption. SCNC is equally guilty of corruption and justice of the well fed. Its lawyers will take money to make false stories. nanga
Dr Odine, you sound like a crazy person to me. SCNC just like the biafrans in Nigeria is illegal. In my opinion, they should be locked up in a hole were no one knows. Cameroons fate was decided in the referandum and thats it. What international agreements are u talking about? This is how u guys go and fool the poor villagers back home that u're making progress in whatever. You guys should just fight for ur assylum and leave people in peace rather than keep up with the lies. nanga