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I think you call this a kakisticracy rule by the west
Did she back a truck into the store, how do you sreel so many items, note she is in education, and she previously was an Obama voter
And like assata Shakur and Robert vesco guess where Mercader ended up,
Yes that's about right, and after that incident he served 20 years in a Mexican prison, (because it did make the country look bad)
Oddly he didnt anticipate the interwebs then, they thought the universe would be fully tactile virtual reality or simulacrum of same
It was that year in 1993 that Bruce Wagner was given the kind of creative control theh gave orson Welles for in wild palms guess what happened next.
Probably they were 10 years apart. That was more of an alien monolith, or something
Oh loads there was muzzin and allabaugh who all of a sudden popped up in the middle of flynns plea deal, there was the Moroccan who hacked the records of 1200 persons theres Huawei who's backed by a dozen firms like Podesta same for zte which had supply chains through Qatar and into african
A hitman or hit person, interesting etymology it stems from sicari which Is thr name for the jewisg militants in 1st century, who said any ro jesus saying we got thos, they actually didn't
Qatar ymmv in Aaron Sorkin's coked up delusions he actually hit on some reality by accident he called it qumar and it was an outcropping of Iran, but geography wAsnt his strong suit nor logic.
And like in alias, what we think is the company is actually a transnational crime cartel like ad 6, you ask this differs from reality now. Add water to the mix that seems to playing daddy warbucks to the somalian govt, quelle surprise.
Seriously was there a some strange gren meteor like the one that turned Stephen king into a farm in creep show.
2019 was the year there were supposed to be flying cars over Los Angeles, about two years after the scenes in running man, where the us is run by a crazy media company that relies on technology with a lot of reality shows how dis they come up with this stuff. Instead someone took the denouement of the crying game as an organizational principle.
The former, which actually wasnt all that to begin with.
Excuse me a moment while I laugh at those idiots who were so full of themselves they thought there was a Caribbean spring in the offing. Meanwhile the only one I've heard that made sense in Latin TV is jaime bayly, hes a gay Peruvian generally centrist talk show host, he found this mob scene unseemly in oart because hes seen in play out in his own country
That looks very scary, yikes
Skydragins are ruthless, Dave, they seek easy prey like croussaints and baguettes
If you've read some of his other Saudi themed tales, you will here a rhyme.
Turtles all the way down jimnj, 'the shortest executive career since the Pope that got poisomed' it's like with the Madigan gang lording it over vlago
So in the Silva book, theres a character that reminds me of Khalid saffuri, who is foolishly trusted by the prince as a bridge to the extremist element and the conflict arise there.
That ABC is generally as useless as NBC here:
In Congress you can never have enough however
Sometimes even in the big apple you can have too much cowbell.
No, she started out as nixons assistant in his final years, she is very sharp, she helped unravel sid vicious (whi actually is the father of birtherism) pipeline from ex ops drumheller and Murray, to Hillary, that couldn't be allowed to stand
Remember gus fusion came from the journals simpaon and jacobi and headed by a Dow Jones executive, they've been sitting on those golden eggs and handing them out to scores of reporters.