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WakeUp Narcolepsy
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I flew exactly one year ago today with my 11yo at the time daughter from Portland Maine to Nashville Tennessee on United, at least half way as United had mechanical issues with their outsourced plane after leaving DC and NO ONE was available to help at Dulles. We looked for gate agents, called "customer service" and even tweeted @united as was advertised all over their gates at Dulles, there were elderly passengers on board that were deemed" Demented" even though they were just old and frustrated. The gate was empty of United employees and United never addressed this until 2AM (7 hours later) when they sent us to a hotel with instructions to be back by 6am. A supervisor never showed up, calls to customer service were on perpetual hold for hours. We were going to trust their "unaccompanied minor" but I had doubts about this, rightly so. Finally at 11AM, 18 hours later we got on a Delta flight, my daughter missed her first day of school but at least an 11year old wasn't lost in Dulles with an irresponsible party. Screw United, they are absolutely the worst, their employees, at least the ones I dealt with or could find, are the absolute worst and should be fired. Tomorrow I get on a bus to Boston and fly Southwest to Nashville, it may not be perfect but at least they care. FU United!
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Aug 14, 2012