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Narine Atamian
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Listening to those links -- you're totally right, sides were mislabeled. The track that actually IS Duotron's is absolutely awesome. Again thanks for catching this (and for turning me on to a great band I immediately dismissed)!
Oh no! I feel so...dum! I'll check the record later to confirm, and will edit the post accordingly -- thanks very much for pointing this out!
Hey Jim -- while the concert was the first tape concert in the U.S. (not the world), I had mentioned it being unique in the world because of the compositions included, the format, etc. I know there were a few earlier forays in France and Germany, though wasn't sure about when the first big concert was. Thanks for pointing that out!
Emily -- sorry I used "his," shoulda gone with a Spivak pronoun (though noise is still so overwhelmingly male-dominated that saying "his" would almost always work, today's post on Pharmakon as an exception to the standard). Mogambo -- definitely think noise artists and fans are getting a BIT more open-minded about noise/non-noise, but yes, it definitely can be frustrating!
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Aug 6, 2011