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One final thought. As communicators (both enterprise level and working for specific departments) look at social intranets and workspaces, the main purpose and measure of success of course needs to be "what business goal am I trying to achieve?" If, for example, IT is trying to increase employee software/hardware usage/satisfaction while reducing inbound help desk calls, then everything the portal designers do needs to plan for and be measured against these goals. Trying to simply drive employees to the organization portal, or improve their overall satisfaction with it, should never be more than an indirect objective.
Courtney, Excellent questions. You are so right in wanting to see a drill down based on platform. More corporations and organizations are moving the bulk of their functional parts of their business (e.g. IT, procurement, HR, Salesforce mgmt,etc)to portals to reduce expenses and provide better data capture. These are workspaces, not social intranets, but hold great value for their organizations. I also agree wholeheartedly with the carrot and stick approach. Too many institutions significantly underinvest in the change management needed to drive social intranet adoption. Richard D'Ambrosio
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Jun 18, 2012