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Nathan A. Saunders
Washington DC
Since 2007, blogger, original thought leader concerned with work and home life balance, history, labor, ethics, and law.
Interests: Chess, Citizen journalism, Music, Law, Conflict Resolution, Reading, Technology, Economics, and Government.
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Apr 27, 2021
I'm back... I started in 2007 blogging and got busy with life and work. Certain points in my life it just did not make sense. I left some of the old stuff up because its really cool to look back. Much love to Typepad for allowing me to push forward. So here we go... Continue reading
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Apr 27, 2021
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Apr 15, 2021
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Mar 15, 2010
I really appreciate their sound and talent. Check out the website for other good stuff. Nathan
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2009 on Lite and Smoothly Artistic at SAUNDERSIZED
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I agree with your comment. Fenty/Rhee reform has not taken off the ground. There is too much emphasis on abridging the rights of workers and children. I am not surprised about the lack of wrap around services and professional development training either. The solutions are internal to our community of parents and teachers. It is a bottom up approach to educating children. WTU must be a leader as opposed to a follower trying to play as if it is leading. It is dishonest with its members and the general public in that regard. Lets keep fighting for critical analysis and action.
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More smoke and mirrors as the major issues were avoided with limitations on teacher member input. I am amazed at how much misinformation is given to teachers. Alot of the information is plain incorrect. Many delegates say the representative meeting are a waste of their time after a long teaching day- just more promises which can not be believed. I suspect the union's ability to represent the membership will continue to be challenged because of the President's ineffectiveness. Clearly, Rhee does not pay him any attention, nor does other stakeholders. Once again teachers find themselves in a bad position as a result of the actions of one particular President. Truly disappointing. Teachers must be harder on demanding solutions to problems of a collective bargain agreement, job security, and representation as a whole.
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In order to accomplish the education function examination of the extremes of wealth and poverty in Washington DC must take place. Race, poverty, and healthcare are as important factors as the classroom teacher as this article thoughtfully examines. Parental involvement can make the difference.
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Thanks, I am noticing more sick leave encouragement to employees in my travels.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2009 on So you think your sick... at SAUNDERSIZED
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