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Natasha Rudolph
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I did the daniel fast. I didn't last longer than a week though. But I felt the difference. The changes were drastic, in a positive way. I had more energy and I just felt healthier overall. It can get expensive and it definitely helps to have someone do it with you. I did it alone. :( Maybe I'll try again with someone who can hold me accountable.
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I detest single's events. Seriously. I rarely go to them when my church hosts them. I have, however, been to a comedy night that a church in Maryland hosts every month. That was nice. They serve dinner and then have the comedians come out. It wasn't exactly an event just for singles. But it was very enjoyable and the concept could very well be used for a single's event.
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That's a nice distraction. Can I have one too? lol You said you looked cute? I want to see pics!!!! :(
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