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Is this informed by your Duarte Story Telling training?
Andrew, Once you let go of harmful ideas about what masculinity is, I am afraid you are left with things that are better understood as being profoundly human instead of masculine. I don't find anything particularly masculine about: "with restraint, with sacrifice, with generosity, not bullying but serving, not hoarding by giving." Deeper than this discussion about the nature of Biblical or Historic Christianity is the details of the Christianity we choose to practice today. I am reminded of Mary Daly's statement about a Feminist Jesus: ‎"So Jesus was a feminist. So what? Even if he wasn't I am." Even if frequently in our history Christianity has been practiced with a masculine feel, I am not going to practice it that way.
Andrew, For the past four years I have been a member of a group of Christians who practice and think together. We covenant together on a yearly basis. The covenant begins with the following tenant: I promise to accept my forgiveness for any and all neglect of the following disciplines and thereafter to renew my commitment to them. After that is a commitment to shared focus in our exploration and practice; A commitment to report monthly to the group on our solitary practices, struggles, and progress; to keep a daily solitary practice at least 20 minutes long; to attend a symposium meeting at least once a year; an agreement to contribute a portion of our charitable budget to maintain a travel fund to aid other members in participating in the symposium; and an agreement to share in personal paraphrasing of scripture on a monthly basis as well. When we do accountability on our covenant we ask people to review their actions over the last year and summarize their actions as "yes and no or no and yes." This built in forgiveness and understanding that in every commitment we make there is both the affirmation and failure to live it out completely serve to keep this covenant from some of the abuses I have seen in other places.
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Andrew, Thanks for the reminder, it enabled me to catch most of your video. I did miss the first two points or so. Can you say a bit about how you craft rituals for your family or how you notice them starting to emerge in your patterns of life? Are there rituals that you practice in private within your family? Nate
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