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Shucky darns, folks. By the the motorcycle all right?
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2011 on :) at Atlas Shrugs
Pamela... You ask, 'Further, why is this even being taught in the public schools? There is no intense, extensive Jewish curriculum or Hindu curriculum or Christian curriculum.' I think you answer yourself in the next sentence: 'Further, these religions are not slaughtering Americans and non-believers in the hundreds of thousands, so why color it pretty?' I think it goes against all the PC-ism and Tolerance-ism to actually point out there's a religious belief system out there which actively supports large-scale murder of non-believers, especially when pointing that out could get you killed. It's much safer to point out the faults of Jews and Christians, because Jews and Christians traditionally won't strap on some C4 or dynamite and blow themselves up in a public place for being picked on.
You know, I've never considered myself a 'journalist' even though I blog. But I can completely understand the judge's ruling - journalists are realizing very quickly they cannot compete with the corps (pronounced 'core', Mr. pResident) of 'citizen journalists' out here in the Intertubes, so they have to try to silence us. As far as going to the MSM for news, I do it on a daily basis: whatever they say, I know the truth is the exact opposite, and it's always a good idea to be aware of what your enemy is saying.
I read this and the first thing that popped into my head is the Monty Python and the Holy Grail scene with the monks:
Toggle Commented Feb 13, 2010 on Zebibah! at Atlas Shrugs
It's gonna take me hours for the rage I'm feeling to dissipate enough for my eyes to uncross at this.
Given the state of public education, it's probably an advanced-placement 6th grade class. And Obama, cheating on his exams? Ms G, don't you realize by now, the Lightworker needed to take no exams - because he is the Lightworker!
I posted some Martha and the Vandelas over at my place. I think you probably figured out which one.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on 41st! at Atlas Shrugs
Of COURSE the Met is scared of them. In the words of Jeff Dunham's Achmed the Dead Terrorist, if you offend them ... DEY KEEL YOU!
Oh, and I cross-posted it over at my site.
If my study of the BC/AD versus BCE/CE thing is right, BCE is simply a secular way of avoiding having to say 'before Christ', so the 1,000 years would be right, as the 10th Century BC/BCE would be about 1,000 BC/BCE. This is way cooler than words, I tell ya.
Sean Penn. Danny Glover. Harry Belafonte. Cat Stevens (or whatever his Muslim name is now). Tim Robbins. Whatsherface who was living with him. There are tons more 'celebrities' who wouldn't understand an enemy of the United States if said enemy locked them in the deepest, dankest, darkest dungeon on the planet. To these same 'celebrities', guys like Mohammar and Mahmoud and Arafat and Hitler and Pol Pot and Kim Jong Il and the rest aren't the 'enemy': the enemy is the United States of America!
Prayer Flares being launched from the Observatorium as well, Ms G!
Next up on the al Qaida homicide-bomber-dress-code: fireproof drawers.
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2009 on Ball Bomber's Blast Briefs at Atlas Shrugs
Holder managed to enter a church without bursting into flames as he crossed the threshold? Astonishing...
Every time I see a picture of Waxman I'm reminded of every George Romero movie ever made. Does this make me a bad person?
Anybody else getting the feeling Obama thinks 'The Afghan War' is the struggle he has every night with the wife over the bed coverlet?
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2009 on Shot of the day at Atlas Shrugs
"The runaway teen Muslim convert to Christianity who made national headlines when she ran away should talk to her parents about religion when they are reunited, according to a proposal filed in Ohio." Okay, so, call me naive, but when the courts tell Rifqa and her parents to discuss religion (read, 'Islam') it's okay, but when parents and their children discuss religion (read, 'Christianity'), that's considered indoctrination and the ACLU has a brain-hemorrhage. So, if I'm reading this right, the courts and the ACLU consider Christianity a religion, but they don't consider Islam a religion? Or are they just a great big sack-full of cowardly appeasers?
Pamela - with all the restrictions on Rifqa right now, will she actually be able to receive Christmas cards?
I checked, I got it, too. Went over here: and downloaded their cleaner. It definitely took care of the flash cookies I had - all 1000 of them. (It's for PC and it's from
If it wasn't so sad, it'd be hysterical. But truth is oftentimes more humorous than fiction.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2009 on Shot of the Day at Atlas Shrugs
Neil Cavuto slaps her about a bit here: Otherwise, I think it's time for an alternative Teabag protest: Everybody send the Administration pacifiers.
Waygu beef. Lots of it. Oh, and lots of arugula, too.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2009 on The New Rules at baldilocks
What bothers me is this quote: “The exercise of the right to freedom of opinion and expression is one of the essential foundations of a democratic society[.]” Now, I'm no Islamic scholar, but is it safe to say that any nation under Islam is NOT a democratic society? If so, Islamic countries can thumb their noses at this UN resolution and correctly tell them it does not apply, as they are NOT a democratic nation. In an aside, this shows Hussein Obama's true interest: anything Islamic holds his attention, anything American or democratic repels him. Maybe our lawmakers should start writing laws, etc., in Farsi or Persian or Arabic so he'd at least READ them.
Hmmm. KrazyKafir may have a point. I'm thinking if they weren't 'distracting' us at the airports or with these terror cells being discovered in New York and other places, it would allow somebody to keep a better tab on our southern and northern borders (can we say 'eide open spaces'?) and our universities/colleges ('C'mon, jihadi's! Get a visa and come pretend to be students while you plan to slay the Great Satan from within!'), which is where, I firmly believe, the greatest danger lies. Too much conspiracy theory there? My bad.
This ... pResident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue does not, I repeat does NOT, speak for THIS American.