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First off: I would imagine this is shortening of "First of all" a perfectly reasonable emphasis.
Sad story but true, Mike. I think you're about the same age as me and, in the last few years, I realised I wasn't going to change the world. But maybe I can change my little bit of the world. I just bought my granddaughters, aged 4 and 8,cheap point and shoots to play with. maybe they will grow up to be the artists I wanted to be. Or maybe they will grow up to be honest, responsible, cultured women. And that will be good enough for me. Legacy, set your sights realisticallty and it work.
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2013 on Open Mike: Crank That at The Online Photographer
Nate's definitely got an eye for a great image. I love the shadow which looks like Mom keeping an eye on her little skateboarder. And B&W! good choice! I'd have been proud to have taken that and my hats off to TOP and your anonymous reader for making it possible.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2013 on Nate Update at The Online Photographer
Shaw-Pellegrin is a local storm in a tea cup but a global hurricane. If a respected magnum photojournalist can be so slap-happy with his shots it makes us reconsider the best of the past. "Love that flooded yard but I'll give you 20Francs to see how far you can jump from that half submerged pallette." "Great look big GI but don't look at me look at that tree 1000 yards behind me." "General, you know the court will find him guilty. Why not just execute him now?" Decisive moment or "I can't get the shot that I want so I'll get close enough that it makes no difference if you don't know"
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Apr 6, 2011