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The blind worship of the late dictator also struck me in a profound way. I was sadly intrigued by the mindset that produces this behavior. Instead of thanking the doctors for restoring their sight, the people praise and worship KJI. Kudos to Lisa Ling for going behind the curtain!
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Very well put Joe. That video grieves me because it grossly misrepresents what a father should be as a guide and at times perhaps a disciplinarian. Apparently a lot of people don't see the problem, many of them seem to currently have teenage kids in the house! Conversely, I actually appreciated much of the "drug to church" clip, in hindsight. Having spent my formative years in that sort of culture, I resented it greatly at the time and was pretty aware of the imperfections of a disciplinarian, legalistic environment. 20 years (and a lot of processing) later, I appreciate that at least there was some element of respect for authority (and respect for God) that was drilled down pretty deep. Yes it often emphasized the "severity" side of God more than the "kindness" side, however I'm glad they tried. My point (about the newspaper clip, not this confused father video) is that our culture seems to be so lacking in principles and convictions (not mean-spirited slogans, but real character) that I do appreciate the people who tried imperfectly to steer me in the right direction. We need a lot of principled love right now in our world!
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Feb 14, 2012