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Comcast, AT&T and other ISPs all ready do this. The govt. is almost powerless to do anything, Net Neutrality was severely neutered and is currently being attacked via budgetary constraints that limit its enforcement. This is inevitable unfortunately. I have Insight cable which does not have caps, but they were recently bought by TWC. Once the deal closes and TWC gets their hands really involved I could be subjected to this cap discussed in the article. Fortunately for me Cincinnati Bell is rolling out Fiber and I have an alternative. That doesn't exist for a lot of people though. Cable is being short-sighted by this. Instead of trying to salvage their dying cable-tv brand they should be looking at why the internet side is so profitable and look to maximize that... not cut it off at the knees to save a dying industry. I agree with Jared above and that's why I ditched cable months ago... I will never go back.
Bob, if you don't have NF why would be on a NF site? Firefly is a stretch because of Castle. If it falters in the ratings and doesn't get picked up, maybe... but each year it's not on the air makes it harder to believe the interest would still be there for it. With Chuck done though, that opens up one actor. I would love some more Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles. The special FX budget might be rough, but if they can afford the cast of Arrested Development... I would think they could afford the special FX cost of terminator with a it having a cheaper cast. I enjoyed Lights Out and so did the critics, but it's ratings were so bad I can't see NF taking the leap.
The fire also has Hulu Plus, it also supports Flash (Not sure what that's worth with it being on it's death bed)... and it might only read Kindle ebooks but that's not that big of a deal considering the Kindle set up is superior to all others.
Dennis, I'd look into that, I received the update and haven't had any problems. It was probably blind luck/good timing, but I contacted LG customer support asking when NHL Gamecenter Live would be pushed since the season has begun. The tech apologized and said the engineers were having issues with the app and they didn't have a time frame. I told him I understand things come up, but c'mon the season started a couple of weeks ago. He said he would forward our conversation to the engineers, poof, less than a week later NHL GCL is pushed. Again, probably blind luck but give their customer support a try (I did the online chat). Hopefully they push Pandora soon. Very happy with my LG Smart TV.
Take away Saturday delivery and delay 1st class mail a day and see how much you love your DVDs by mail. The USPS is in trouble people, if half of the proposals come to fruition EVERY disc-by-mail company is gonna feel it.
Settle down guys. This is a calculated move. I hate the name, but there is a method to their madness. Disc is dying, it's debatable how fast it is dying... but I don't think anyone can argue this. The disc by mail is going to be dealt a MAJOR blow soon. Everyone will feel it. The USPS is in rough shape. I've read they are targeting eliminating Saturday deliveries and closing multiple distribution centers. The closures of the distribution centers will extend first class delivery by a day. Lose a day and slowing down delivery... this is going to hurt the DVD by mail business profoundly(Netflix, Blockbuster, gamefly...). They're renting games now too, c'mon guys the world isn't ending. I have no inside knowledge but I'm willing to bet in the next couple months we're gonna have a really good streaming announcement or two. Hastings preached action in that address, I severely doubt they would p-off their customers repeatedly in a 2 month span and then preach "actions speak louder than words" if they weren't working on some great stuff. Netflix didn't become awesome by accident. These are growing pains, Netflix will make up to everyone with some new streaming content. They were earmarking how much for Starz? Surely a studio will jump at it.
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Sep 19, 2011