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Dan, Thanks for the recommendation. Chris Brogan gave the book high praise as well so I just placed the order. My company is going to be doing a lot more with online video this year, so I'm looking forward to reading it.
Treehugger, Keep in mind that 80-85 gallons is where we are TODAY. I bet that most of the people who talk about 100 gallons are either modeling lab results or talking about where they think they can be in the future. As I said in an earlier comment, we know we will continue to push that yield higher, just like we've done with grain over the past 21 years. We don't believe that 30 miles isn't too far for cobs. Keep in mind that they have a much greater bulk density than the leaves and stalks of the corn plant. Water use is a little more difficult to model because we could be reusing some of the water in the adjacent grain plant. We believe that it will be about 25 percent below what is used in the grain process, which would make it comparable to petroleum. Once we get a firmer estimate, we'll let you know.
Treehugger, We're currently modeling the EROI of our new design and hope to have something soon. It will take into account transporting biomass to the facility, all of which comes within a 30-mile radius. Our yields per ton of biomass are in the 80-85 gallons per ton, but we are confident that we can get them higher than that by commercial plant start-up. HarveyD, Like U.S. ethanol, Brazilian ethanol uses a commodity as its feedstock: sugar. So it's impossible to say that the local wholesale price of ethanol fluctuates only within an eight cent range. Take a look at this story from a few weeks ago: Especially read this line: "A liter of ethanol in Sao Paulo city costs about 1.50 in Brazilian reais, equivalent to US$3.26 per gallon."
I work for POET and appreciate the post as well as the comments. Ken, the $2.35 cost includes everything: interest & depreciation, wages & benefits, maintenance, insurance, etc. It also does NOT include a tax credit or any other government support. This is the cost of production, including feedstock. HarveyD, I'm really not sure what you're talking about with Brazilian ethanol. Today it's MORE expensive than U.S. ethanol, which is why they're talking about exporting U.S. ethanol to Brazil:
Dan, this is day one in Wave for me and I'm looking forward to learning from the communications pioneers like you. Bring it on!