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You left off two that are higher on my list: - The Big Bang Theory (season 6) - Homeland (season 2)
@block party'er -- I do understand this, however bandwidth caps will not change this. See, we were streaming netflix during the day, for our children who love shows like Super Why, Author, The Cat In The Hat, etc. This has no effect on the evening, when we generally watch stuff our Tivo has picked up from OTA.
I acctually have been happy with Comcast for the roughly 10 years that I have had them. The service generally just works. I do have issue with them altering websites I am looking at (it's worse on phones connected to our wifi) & bandwidth caps in general are bad, especally for an industry that has limited competition due to Government Regulations, Laws & Monopoly. My message to Comcast is that bandwidth caps are not the answer & messing with websites is bad practice by an ISP. To politicians, I encourage eliminating the government granted monopoly & treat it more like any other industry where you have a huge monopoly (in many ways, both regional control & content control).
Here is the thing about à la carte pricing - it'll basically cost the same amount as your current cable bill. Lets assume you are like my family. We generally watch 10 channels on a regular basis (10 non-over the air available). Our cable bill for the TV side (not including net) is around $60 to $70 total. I am willing to bet the per channel cost that à la carte pricing will get you is $10 per channel. Then they will offer you bundles/packages if you buy multiple. Thus for the 10 channels I care anything about, it'll cost me about $60 to $70 total. If for some reason, you really only want 1 channel, fine - you can cut your bill from $65 per month down to $10+tax. The break even point when it comes to à la carte pricing will probably end up being about 4 or 5 channels ... from a biz perspective they will look at it this way: How many channels do people on average care about? We shall make the break even point be at 2 less then that number. Why? Because having to deal with the accounting and such of managing an à la carte system is higher then 3 packages. With that added costs ... you can expect the price per channel to be higher. Not to mention the idea of buying in bulk. You do it for yourself: Look at your bill. Look at how many channels you really watch (wanna go farther, look at the number of shows). I know for me, it's about $2 per day for cable - $7 per channel per month ... the per show (looking at new stuff & excluding the football & hockey I watch) is even less. Would I like to save that money? Yes. Do I generally hate my cable provider - many times Yes. but the idea that à la carte pricing is a great savior is simply ignoring the realities of economics and running a business.
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Sep 22, 2010