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Aaron Salvo
Interests: food, sci-fi, well cooking of course, beyond that food, food. i love good books, and generally being outside in the sunshine, which i really only get to see 2 times a week at most.
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Mar 15, 2010
Banks are kinda getting like the old cellphone plans that nickle and dimed you for every little thing. I expect that someday one of these banks is gonna get smart and charge like one monthly fee for everything. Of course that will probably be the day I stop using banks, but that's just me.
I am a professional cook, because I get paid to cook. As a professional cook, I can tell you that "foodie" has a rather negative connotation in the restaurant world. Foodies tend to be the guest who wants to take a well thought out dish on a restaurant's menu and redo it the way it "should be". The term "home cook" is one I've never used. Typically I use terms like "grandmother" and "mom". My daughter will call her (hopefully) favourite home cook "dad".
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Writer's block is creative thirst. It's your body telling you to replenish, and believing that you'll never run out inspiration is like believing you'll never need a glass of water.
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