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As a professional filmmaker, photographer --- great article, but honestly my feeling is that communication and point of view is king. Ever since digital photography and files came to be the level of noise as to content being produced has grown exponentially...but point of view, perspective, story, emotion are what separate the 99.9% of shitty noise to what connects and satisfies the requirements for exceptional storytelling and journalism by way of a still photograph. I love the iPhone or any tool which allows me to make a beautiful image whether it be my super 8mm, 16mm or 120 film and yes even my beautiful iPhone...its a tool, nothing else. The editors out there allowing shit to be blogged, printed, posted are to blame. Not the content creators! I have seen iPhone pictures that tell far stronger story, with emotion and sense of presence in the context of the frame than some of the works printed in the New York Times by well established journalists who frankly are not relevant anymore nor inspired in their image making. I think @Instagram #instagram is a brilliant distribution tool for connecting with the world out there. By the ways, Find me on Instagram: @nazfilms
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Nov 5, 2012