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Nicolae Carpathia
Hell (climate could be better, but the company is great)
And the faithful are like "Lord, if my hands hadn't been chewed off by giant locusts, I would slap you so hard."
Interests: Evil.
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In other news... (TW: Racism in political ads... the sort that makes me wonder if the candidate has regressed to his days as a racist third-grader) For one of the upcoming Michigan elections, Republican candidate Pete Hoekstra has aired a SuperBowl ad featuring... well, a young Chinese woman riding a bike through a rice paddy, and thanking Americans (in broken 'Engrish,' despite the actress's clearly American accent), for spending enough money to weaken the U.S. economy in relation to China's. Incidentally, the opponent he's attacking is named "Debbie Stabenow," and the attack site he's set up refers to her as "Debbie SpendItNow." I said, "Okay, if you want to make fun of people's names, Mr. Hoekstra, let's try it," and looked him up. Yes, as near as I can tell, the first syllable of his name is indeed pronounced "Hoax," and... get this... the law firm he is associated with is named "Dickstein Shapiro." I think I've stumbled into a bad editorial cartoon.
Sorry, I didn't realize it was derailing the other thread.
There are so many transcript sites out there, that you can find them for nearly any show you want - except Frasier.Really? I've tried Googling that sort of thing and never found anything useful, I always get a lot of junk links to paywall and ad sites. Of course, I tend to like older and/or more obscure shows (yikes, now I feel like a hipster), so maybe they just get lost in the transcript shuffle.
My mistake, then. Deird, where can you do a "dialogue search?" This would be useful.
It's definitely not Wiccan, though. One character supposedly is, but apparently being Wiccan means you can throw fireballs and raise the dead. There doesn't seem to have been much in the way of researching actual Wicca by the creators of the show, I think they just thought it sounded better than "witch."I don't recall Wicca being mentioned often at all in the show, and certainly not as a code-word for Witch... the only mention I can think of is during the fourth season, when Willow and Tara meet for the first time at a campus Wicca group, which they then both drop out of because they are disappointed that there's no actual spell-casting or enchantments going on at those meetings.
Since there's going to be a big link to the LB archive in the sidebar anyway, should LB posts be disqualified from this list?
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Also, his name is Dr. Slaughter, which is the best name of any doctor I've ever had.I have a new pick for Surgeon General of my One World Government.
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2011 on 101 Wednesday - Depression at The Slacktiverse
Well, reintroducing animals in the native ecosystem can be bad. That's probably the reason why I would want them uplifted to human level intelligence, first. That way, it'd arguably be no worse than introducing humans into a new ecosystem ;)Well, as Caryb and Heart pointed out, that hasn't worked out so well either... One argument against mind uploading I read (don't remember where) was that there would be pressure to streamline out brains to particular functions, discarding parts of our minds as impractical or frivolous.Personally, I think people should be allowed to customize their brains however they want, as well as their bodies. It's not like the human brain is a perfect thing as-is. So long as there's an option included for people to keep all the wiring problems a flesh-and-blood brain has if they want to, let everyone else get the brain-boosts and hacks they want. Intelligence without consciousness: obligatory mention of Blindsight, which (imho) tackled this problem much better than the OMW books.Ohhh yeah. Peter Watts is pretty much my go-to author for this kind of thing. Of course, he's also the author about whom James Nicoll (one of my favorite literary critics) said, "Whenever I find my will to live becoming too strong, I read Peter Watts." Of course, that's another point in Watts's favor for me... He also wrote the best piece on the BP oil spill I've ever read. WARNING: Depressing as hell (that link essentially proves Nicoll's assertion). But re: consciousness/intelligence, a new theory was made a couple years after Blindsight came out, that Watts linked to on his blog, suggesting a much better reason for sentience: It helps regulate conflicting orders between subconscious systems. That's a wonderful explanation, it resolves many of the conundrums in Blindsight, and so on.
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Yikes. In somewhat less horrific news (thankfully), a bunch of kids and teenagers are doing an eleven-hour stage adaptation of a Charles Dickens novel... again.
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2011 on Board Business, July 7 2011 at The Slacktiverse
I would have there be a longer break between Winter and Summer. We went from having snow on the ground to it being too hot to go outside, in less than a month.
But what happens if you get out? Is there just an empty Nicolae Carpathia shaped space in the books? Do the other characters say their lines, pause to give the empty space time to not-speak and then respond to what wasn't said? Do the people you're supposed to kill just lie down and say, "Ok everyone, I'm dead now. Nicolae got me," and pretend to be dead?I think it would be sort of like The Purple Rose of Cairo, where the characters sit around waiting for my return (sound familiar?), and chat with the audience in the meantime. It would be a great opportunity for this community to voice their concerns about the "protagonists'" actions as well... Jurisfiction agents hunt him down, and in the meantime a Generic takes over the role. It's LaJenkins, so a C- or D-grade is probably fine. Ah, I hadn't thought of the Jurisfiction agents. However, I imagine that Ms. Thursday herself would take one look at the "plot" of the LB series and agree to my plea of extenuating circumstances...
Can you blame me for wanting to get out of these books? Seriously.
Claiming otherwise is just plain stupid.This may be a good time to request "I statements," LMM...
Minor nitpick, GDwarf: It was "Ghostwriter," all one word. And thank you for reminding me: The episode where one of the kids has a nightmare that she is slowly turning into an alien. THAT creeped me out. Is TypePad acting weird for anyone else? It keeps signing me out.
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I was an adult before i realized that the idea of "seeing" something in your mind (or, for that matter, having an internal monologue) wasn't just an analogy and that some people really did "see" things they were thinking about.Interesting... I have the opposite problem. I only see in pictures (which means I regularly experience those little flashes you see in that Temple Grandin biopic... which is awesome by the way and you should totally see it... where she visualizes what someone is saying in a literal manner), and it took me a while to realize that "inner monologues" weren't just a narrative device for fiction writers... some people actually do think in words. The one thing that actually developed my visual skills significantly was reading a lot of graphic novels and writing a script for one. By having to think about each panel, I got better and better about imagining what things would look like and where they were in relationship to each other.Again, I have the opposite problem... when trying to write prose, I always drift into describing where characters are in a room, where objects are in the scene, the architecture, because I see all that stuff. It's like I'm trying to draw up storyboards on the page, and I have to force myself to edit that stuff out to make the plot move at a non-glacial pace.
Oh yes, and "That Scene" in Toy Story 3. You know what I'm talking about.
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2011 on Open-thread Friday, June 17 2011 at The Slacktiverse
Roald Dahl specialized in this. Considering his childhood that was certainly understandable, but still...
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2011 on Open-thread Friday, June 17 2011 at The Slacktiverse
Wow. This is quite an array of topics. I could probably give a Colbert-style Q&A on my evil agenda to spread peace and happiness throughout the world. [OOC]Out Of Character, I could assist kisekileia with the Asperger's Q&A. Or my own experience with the not-as-supportive-as-you'd-think QUILTBAG support groups in the most liberal town in a fairly liberal state... but that would be more of a one-paragraph rant.[/OOC] In other news (since this is the Open Thread): You may have heard by now that the Green Lantern movie is a disaster. I'm afraid your ears do not deceive you. You have heard correctly. But, here's a little antidote. You're welcome.
My glitch is for faces. I cannot remember faces of people I haven't known for long, and even with people I've known for most of my life, I couldn't describe them to a sketch artist. My brain simply cannot process facial patterns. It doesn't help that I have a hard time looking people in the eye, but it's more than that. Asperger's Syndrome also brings other problems, including OCD, social phobias, and auditory processing issues...
Toggle Commented Jun 14, 2011 on Getting an ∃ for effort at The Slacktiverse
*checks the comments at Patheos* Oh... wow. I am so hiring Chris Doggett as my next campaign manager.
1. I don't even remember. I think I was Google searching for something unrelated, but I can't remember what. It was a long time ago; I was lurking for years before I decided to start posting. 2. I am a geek, and I love posts about geekery. And recipes. And... pretty much everything except flame wars. 3. Evil incarnate, I suppose.
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Ouch. Sorry. Don't know why I didn't ROT13 it. ^_^;
Was I imagining things, or did I see Matt Smith doing an impression of each of the previous Doctors, at the start of last night's Doctor Who?
And getting back to the original topic of the thread (language), I once again find myself unable to come up with a coherent set of words that can articulate the thing I really love about RTD's writing, and why I think even his "bad" episodes sort-of worked. I can sort of hash it out, but I'd need to make up a few words and define them in a glossary at the beginning of the post.
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